I need a spare part for my ski/boot/pole etc. Where do I get it from?

Any Fischer stockist can order this spare part for you from us.

Where can I buy Fischer products?

Fischer products are available only from selected retailers. To find your nearest Fischer stockist who will be pleased to help you and offer advice on our products simply use our Dealer Locator.

I have seen sportswear/boots/skis etc. on your website. Where can I buy them?

Any Fischer stockist can order these articles for you from us while stocks last.

Can I buy my skiing equipment direct from Fischer?

No, sorry! Fischer products are available only from selected retailers. To find your nearest Fischer stockist who will be pleased to help you and offer advice on our products simply use our Dealer Locator.

I have found a certain product on your website. Why can't I buy it from my local retailer?

Our website features the entire range of Fischer products, some of which are not available in all countries. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Are Fischer skis ready for use when I buy them?

ALPINE: Yes, you can use them straight away. The edges are ground to approx. 0.8 degrees on the base and 3 degrees on the side.

NORDIC: In general yes, you can use them straight away. Exception: the top models of Fischer’s Race Line are supplied „Prewaxed“ for protection against dirt and oxidation. Before the skis are used for the first time they have to be prepared.

Which skis, ski boots or ski poles do you recommend for me?

Finding the right equipment can be a tricky business. Take a look at our website first to find out more about Fischer products and their special technologies.

You can also use our Product Finder which will suggest some models that are suitable for you.

The best way is to speak to a Fischer retailer who can offer you the best possible advice based on experience. Use the Dealer Locator for the contact details of dealers near to you.

How and where can I have my VACUUM FIT boots fitted?

The perfect fitting procedure is to be carried out only by authorised Fischer VACUUM FIT dealers. Click here to find your nearest VACUUM FIT specialist: Dealer Locator

Why is summer storage preparation of skis so important and what does it involve?

The base should be prepared with a layer of wax prior to the upcoming summer break so it has optimum protection against outside influences.

Before the wax is applied you should remove any dirt, dust and old pieces of wax from the base. Here you can use cleaners (wax removers) which are available from sports retailers. Before you do anything else the skis should air outside for at least 15 minutes. Next, apply a universal glide wax (wax should be as soft as possible) with a waxing iron and, depending on the hardness of the wax, iron it on at a temperature between 110°C (230°F) and 130°C (266°F) evenly and in the direction of skiing. IMPORTANT: do not leave the iron in one position for too long (risk of overheating). For cross country skis, make sure that there is no glide wax on the climbing zone with classic and skis with climbing sections. The glide wax that is applied must not be scraped off, it remains on the ski. During the summer break the skis should be stored horizontally with the bindings facing downwards at a constant temperature in a room which is as dark and dry as possible.

Just before the season starts all you have to do is scrape off the wax.

How do I best look after my Fischer products?

Please read our comprehensive care tips on this subject or contact your dealer.


I have a problem/claim regarding my Fischer product. What do I have to do?

Sorry to hear that. If you have a claim, first of all please contact the retailer who sold you the product. This is the correct legal way of handling such cases as any warranty claims you may have are against this retailer. It is important that you provide the retailer with the relevant proof of purchase (receipt). Our trade partners will know how to handle this and may forward the item on to us to be checked.

I have lost my receipt. What do I do?

On the one hand the sales slip acts as proof of the date of purchase. The legal warranty in cases of non-conformity is linked to this date of purchase and is valid for two years from this date. On the other hand, however, it is also important proof for the retailer that the product was actually purchased from that store. If, unfortunately, this proof of purchase is no longer available, there may be an additional handling fee.

This is why we always recommend you keep sales receipts for all purchases – especially for valuable and expensive products – in a safe place (preferably in a separate file).


I am a skiing instructor, work for a ski club, coach etc. Do I get reduced prices for equipment?

It is possible that a dealer close to you grants discounts in cooperation with his Fischer partners (except VACUUM products). The best way is to contact the dealer direct (click here for Dealer Locator). Fischer products cannot be bought direct from the manufacturer.


Can you get me an autograph of …?

All the Fischer athletes handle requests for autographs themselves. You will find the contact address on the websites of the respective athletes. The websites are available from our athlete database.

Image Database / Downloads

I need some pictures and would like to use photos from your website. Is this possible?

You can download our photos in the Media Database section.


I have a question that has not been answered here.

Please use the Contact Form. We will attend to your request as soon as possible.