RC Pro 100 pbV

Awesome fit right from the start

RC Pro 100 pbV

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The Active Fit Zone liner ensures excellent power transfer, control, and feedback. The boot’s sleek performance fit holds the foot securely and comfortably.

RC Pro 100 pbV




  • Item no. U08618
  • Cuff Material TPU
  • Last in mm 100
  • Shell Material Vacu-Plast
  • Stiffness 100
  • Canting Rivet Borchia
  • Velcro strap RC Pro 35mm
  • Buckles RC Pro
  • Sole ISO 5355
  • Weight 2160
  • Size 25.5, 26.5, 27.5, 28.5, 29.5, 30.5


100% Seamless Tongue
100% Seamless Tongue

100% Seamless Tongue. Practically no friction anymore, perfect fit.

Active Fit Zones Liner - RC Pro
Active Fit Zones Liner - RC Pro

Unique boot liner construction featuring 2K technology actively supports the foot in three defined function zones. Available in three different versions: HARD: larger Power Zone for the optimum power transfer MEDIUM: more comfort through larger Comfort Zone SOFT: optimum comfort thanks to large Comfort Zone

Grip Sole
Grip Sole

Walking plates made of a softer plastic ensure better, safer grip and safe walking on icy surfaces.