Ranger 98 Ti

This Freerider is designed for every situation

Ranger 98 Ti

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Whether it's turns in extreme powder or tough terrain ,the combination of Air tec Ti and Carbon Nose gives you maneuverability and stability wherever you go. Aeroshape enhances weight reduction.

SW Sidewall means top quality.

With its Sandwich Sidewall Construction the Ranger 98 Ti ranks among the supreme high-performance models in the freeride segment. The wood core and sidewalls are combined in a very high-quality sandwich construction for top stability and good edge grip.

Optimal size and balance

The width of 98 mm stands on the one hand for long, stable powder turns. On the other hand it allows quick, agile turns which are useful in wooded areas, for example. With a 132-98-122 sidecut its radius is 18 meters at a length of 180 cm.

It's here alright. Freeski ROCKER!

The Free Ski ROCKER is an absolute must-have for the Ranger 98 Ti. The shorter contact length of the ski is designed for extreme conditions such as those encountered in freeriding. This means it is easy to turn and saves energy in all situations.

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Ranger 98 Ti




  • Item no. A17118
  • Weight Ski in gr 1800
  • Set binding Attack² 13 AT W/O BRAKE [A]
  • Radius / Sample Length 18m/180cm
  • Rocker Length & Height vo. 450/3 hi. 330
  • Sidecut 132-98-122
  • Construction / Technology SW-Sidewall, Carbon Nose, Air Tec Ti
  • Lengths 172, 180, 188


Carbon Nose
Carbon Nose

Ultra slim shovel with carbon inlay improves maneuverability at high stability.

Air Tec Ti
Air Tec Ti

Depending on the field of use, the AirTec core will be improved by an titanium reinforcement.


Special lightweight design for extreme torsion stability.

Sintered Bases
Sintered Bases

Sintered bases have exceptional waxing properties and a very long service life.

Sandwich Sidewall Construction
Sandwich Sidewall Construction

Wood core combined with ABS sidewalls in a classic Sandwich Construction for balanced flex and perfect rebound.




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