Across the alps

Crossing the snow-covered Alps on a pair of skis demands a healthy dose of passion. Passion for the mountains. Passion for skiing. A passion that makes it possible to overcome obstacles and provides unforgettable moments. The annual Fischer Transalp offers an unique skiing experience with like-minded people and guided by experts.

In April 2022, the Fischer Transalp will set out again to cross the Alps on touring skis. After the Transalp 2021 had to be canceled due to regulations and associated restrictions due to the Corona virus, we are all looking forward to the eleventh edition in spring 2022.

Special highlight is that this year’s route selection is designed to find the best descents. The currently planned route will take the six selected participants from Switzerland to Austria.


  • Dates of the Fischer Transalp: 03-10/04/2022
  • Planned route: Bernina Pass - Pontresina - Davos - Klosters - Montafon - Arlberg - Kleinwalsertal
    (due to Corona or weather conditions the route may vary)
  • Application phase: 02/11/2021 - 31/01/2022


Application phase closed

Over the past few months, we have received countless applications. We have read the most adventurous stories, seen the most beautiful pictures and met the most passionate mountaineers. Once again, we are thrilled to share our passion with such a great community.

The participants of the Transalp 2022 have already been contacted. All those who did not make it into the team this year, we invite to collect many mountain memories and to apply again next year!

Who will accompany us across the Alps, you will soon find out here.

Review of past Fischer Transalp tours

Fischer Transalp 2022

For six participants who were selected in the application process, the adventure of a lifetime will soon begin. Together with the experienced Transalp crew, they will set out to cross the Alps on touring skis and enjoy the most beautiful descents. What they experience it, you will see here every day from April 4 on.

Transalp Tour Diary 2022

Fischer Transalp 2020

10 years Fischer Transalp: On Monday, March 02, the Fischer Transalp crew set off for the tenth time to cross the Alps on touring skis. The anniversary tour led the six participants from Sella Nevea (ITA) in six stages through the Southern Alps to Kartitsch (AUT).

Transalp Tour Diary 2020