RS11 GW Powerrail Brake 78 [G]

RS11 GW Powerrail Brake 78 [G]

The modular design of the RS11 Powerrail guarantees one thing: fun - suited to both novices and advanced skiers. In addition to the usual transfer of power from the boot to the ski edge, the new SXG heelpiece offers perfect compatibility with alpine and GripWalk boots.

RS11 GW Powerrail Brake 78 [G]



  • Art.Nr. T40218
  • Z-DIN 3 - 11
  • Brake Powerrail Brake SL 78 [G]
  • Brake code G
  • Min Boot sole length 255
  • Max Boot sole length 378
  • Toe AFD AFS_GW
  • Weight 1790



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