Skis for skiers – passion has no gender.

Our vision as a brand is to be the first choice for every athlete. We enable new heights of individual performance and unforgettable moments with innovative, user-friendly products.

When looking for the exact right ski, factors like ability level, weight and height, along with the specific type of skiing determine which product is the right choice for a particular athlete. Their gender plays no role.

To satisfy different tastes, in the future we’ll offer a second color option for ski models whenever possible. Different foot shapes will be addressed by boots that are available in multiple widths. This will allow all cross country skiers to meet their unique individual needs without missing out on any of our performance advantages. Whether you’re a beginning, advanced, or expert skier; Whether you’re large or small, heavy or light, we develop our products for you as a passionate athlete, not as a woman or man.

Because to us, skiing is not a lifestyle. It’s life.

EFFicient forward – FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.

It has never been easier to focus more on enjoying a day skiing with family and friends and less on making your equipment work. The line-up of Efficient Forward skis are designed to provide a smooth, strong kick without requiring perfect technique. Offered in the XC-Line, where longer ski lengths maximize glide, and in the NC-Line, where shorter ski lengths improve control on the downhills. With Efficient Forward you’ll want to ski longer, further and more often. Experience it for yourself and feel the difference!

Superlite Crown EF

The lightweight Superlite Crown EF continues to be a favorite choice of skiers looking to take it to the next level. This Vario Crown ski has excellent grip in wide range of conditions, and Efficient Forward construction provides a smooth, strong, forgiving kick. Completeing the package is a race quality base and a Speed Grinding 2.0 finish for improved glide performance.

Orbiter EF

Unmatched in performance, the Orbiter EF continues to be the lightest ski in the category. Now constructed with Efficient Forward for a smooth, strong, kick and a race quality base with Speed Grinding 2.0 to provide the perfect finish for excellent glide. 


Taking cues from World Cup racing, the redesigned Carbonlite Skate boot has eliminated weight and increased performance. A new carbon cuff and heel counter work in tandem with an improved inner boot and lacing system for optimal energy transfer and control. Now you can enjoy the race performance you expect with the fit and feel you want.

Carbonlite Skate Boot

Taking cues from the World Cup, the new Carbonlite Skate boot has eliminated weight and increased performance. A new carbon cuff and heel counter work in tandem with an improved inner boot and lacing system for optimal energy transfer and control.

Enjoy skiing with Twin Skin.

Spend more time enjoying friends, family and skiing and less time trying to make your equipment work with skis featuring Twin Skin and Efficient Forward technology. The reliable grip of Twin Skin mohair strips complements the Efficient Forward design that allows skiers to engage the ski for kick without perfect technique. Better grip leads to better glide, and that ads up to a better skiing experience.

Twin Skin Superlite EF

Always a favorite of skiers looking to take the next step, the Twin Skin Superlite EF is a light, versatile ski for any conditions. It has Efficient Forward for an effective, forgiving kick requiring less energy. Speed Grinding 2.0 offers race-quality gliding properties. The offset, variable depth design of the Twin Skin mohair strips offers consistent, efficient grip, even on hard track conditions.

Twin Skin Cruiser EF

The Twin Skin Cruiser EF offers everything recreational skiers need to enjoy a day in the tracks. To start, a lighter core has reduced weight and a better base and base finish has improved glide. Efficient Forward construction and Twin Skin mohair strips combine for a safe, reliable kick with less-than-perfect technique. And last, the Cruiser is sized shorter to increase control and maneuverability.

Urban Boots – performance boots re-defined.

 Fischer’s exciting new Urban line has grown and is for passionate Nordic skiers who want a ski boot that also has comfortable off-ski walkability. Subdued, contemporary styling makes this a boot in which they can feel relaxed and confident before and after skiing. The Urban line challenges the way traditional cross country ski boots look without compromising the performance required on the snow. The waterproof upper construction and a balance of flexibility and stability let you ski as long as you like in a variety of conditions. The fresh, original look and right-out-of-the-box comfort mean you can wear these boots all day, no matter what you’re doing. Urban Fitness is performance boots re-defined.

Urban Sport

The Urban Sport challenges tradition by combining the look and feel today's athletic footwear with the technical needs required in a Nordic boot. Beneath the casual styling, the insulated upper with a waterproof/breathable liner provides all-day comfort. And below, the wide profile sole improves stability and power to the ski for improved control.