Brilliant My Mt

Quality and value coupled with versatility and elegance

Brilliant My Mt

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The result is straightforward, lightweight, comfortable, and athletic: the Brilliant My Mtn. Brilliant Carbon technology makes these particularly light and exceptionally smooth. Above all they demand little energy when skied.

True individuality for women

The Brilliant Selection consists of unique, customizable, and individual items. With an innovative application process any name or even a photo can be put on the skis, making your premium Brilliant RC4 one of a kind.

Making light work of enjoyment

A special manufacturing process makes this ski especially light. It still offers all the necessary stability for wherever you go. Its reduced weight gives you individual skiing enjoyment the whole day long.

The special feeling when skiing

This very easy riding womens' model offers top stability for safe, confident skiing; It also has low weight which makes it very easy to turn, so this ski is athletic and easy to use in any conditions.

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Brilliant My Mt




  • Art.Nr. A05718
  • Construction / Technology SW-Sidewall, Tuned Carbon
  • Weight Ski in gr 1450
  • Sidecut 122-74-103
  • Set binding My RS 9 SLR/WOMENTRACK BRAKE 78 [H] GW
  • Rocker Length & Height vo. 230 hi. 90
  • Plate Womentrack
  • Radius / Sample Length 12m/155cm
  • Lengths 141, 148, 155, 162



Railflex til dame. Smalere og lettere enn vanlig Railflex.

Sandwich Sidewall Construction
Sandwich Sidewall Construction

Trekjerne kombinert med ABS sidevegger i klassisk sandwich konstruksjon.


Liten rocker konstruksjon i tuppen av skien, 2 – 2,5cm.

Women BMP
Women BMP

Bindingspunktet er mer midtmontert for enklere håndtering.

Sintered Bases
Sintered Bases

Sintrert belegg med godt voksopptak og lang levetid.




On-Piste Off-Piste