The 100 Years NFT-Bundle

Introducing the groundbreaking Fischer 100 Years Anniversary NFT-Bundle – a fusion of cutting-edge technology and alpine heritage.

Secure your piece of skiing history with this exclusive and limited NFT-Bundle, featuring the Fischer NFT and a unique designed RC4 ski commemorating Fischer’s century-long commitment to excellence. As the first ski company to pioneer the NFT frontier, we’re revolutionizing the way you experience winter sports.

Purchase your Fischer NFT-bundle from February 14, 2024 and be one of the privileged few to receive the physical, specially crafted ski at your doorstep in fall 2024. Immerse yourself in the thrill of owning a digital asset that transcends the virtual world and connects you directly to the physical masterpiece. With its strictly limited availability, this NFT-bundle is more than just a product: it’s a collector’s item, a celebration of a storied legacy, and an innovation at the intersection of art and athletism.

The story behind the 100 Year NFT Ski

The 100-year history of Fischer Sports is characterized by numerous important events that have influenced the constant change and further development of the company. We have incorporated some of these relevant aspects into the development of the 100th anniversary ski, resulting in a unique product.

The founder
In 1924, Josef Fischer Sr. founded the company in Upper Austria, where the headquarters are still located today. Starting out in a wooden hut and manufacturing toboggans and ladder wagons, he laid the foundations for a success story that is second to none.

The Skier
On the way to becoming a global brand, the original logo - a skier in front of the Matterhorn - becomes a desired symbol of success.

The ash wood
Ash wood, of which there was plenty in the Innviertel, was the most important raw material in ski construction in earlier times due to its good properties. For this reason, the history and success of the company is strongly intertwined with the local tree species.

The Alu(Steel)
Fischer was already a pioneer of innovation in the 1960s. The use of aluminum in skis was a revolution and the aluminum steel was developed for the first time in skis for Olympic champion Egon Zimmermann. A traditional success factor in Fischer's history and today, alongside the wooden core, one of the most important factors for stable grip on the slopes.

The Ski
The 100 Years NFT Ski is based on the latest RC4 race ski technology straight from the Fischer race department for powerful on-piste performance. This ski is a fusion of 100 years experience in crafting state of the art skis and pushing the limits with dedication and innovation. The limited ski offers the latest technologies developed with World Cup athletes and provides you with best in class precision and agility, unbeatable acceleration, stability and edge hold. This special ski is also made of ash tree wood, the material with which ski construction began 100 years ago. The radius of 15.5m at 178cm and the width of 65mm make this ski a genius on piste power machine, the 0.9/0.7mm Titanal ensures stability and longevity and the limited skis come with a Freeflex 13 GW. A true thoroughbred racer for skiers with the highest demands.

The 100 Years NFT
The NFT is a strictly limited and unique artpiece in the design of the 100 Years NFT Ski and is available on the Solana block chain. With this NFT you will own one of the very first digital Assets from Fischer Sports, and depending on the future developmentof the internet in direction web3 we will add functionalities and benefits (e.g. airdrops or whitelisting) to existing Fischer Sports NFT’s.

General questions about the NFT

What is an NFT?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital asset that is stored on a blockchain. NFTs are unique because they are not exchange able, unlike crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, which are fungible. NFTs are often used to represent digital art, collectibles and other digital content. They allow the owner to prove the authenticity and ownership of the digital asset.

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is a decentralized system where transactions are recorded across a network of computers. Each transaction is stored in a block, forming a chain. This system doesn't rely on a central authority and offers transparency, security, and immutability. It's commonly used for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin but has diverse applications such as supply chain management, voting systems, and identity verification. 

We have chosen Solana as the blockchain on which Fischer Sports' NFTs are created, as it is a well-established, very fast blockchain that also impresses with its very low transaction fees.

What do I get when I buy the 100 Years of Fischer Sports NFT?

You will receive the 100 Years Fischer NFT, which automatically entitles you to receive the 100 Years Ski incl. binding free of charge. The NFT will be sent to your wallet immediately after purchase, the physical ski will be sent to the address you provided to Fischer as the delivery address by around the end of October 2024.

What do I need to buy a Fischer NFT?

A wallet that supports the Solana blockchain. We recommend the Phantom Wallet, which is available as a plugin for various browsers or as an app for mobile use. You can find detailed instructions on how to install the Phantom wallet here.

What is a Wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a digital tool for securely storing, sending, and receiving digital assets like crypto currencies or NFT’s. It contains a public address (for receiving funds) and a private key (for accessing and managing the stored crypto currency). Wallets come in various forms such as software, hardware, or paper, offering different levels of security and convenience.

Questions about ordering the NFT

Do I need cryptocurrencies to buy the Fischer NFT?

It is not necessary to buy crypto currencies or hold crypto currencies on the wallet to purchase the NFT. The transaction costs for sending the NFTs from the Fischer Wallet to the customer wallet are borne by Fischer Sports.

How much does the 100 years Fischer NFT cost?

The NFT costs €1.924,- and is available exclusively at until 24 March 2024. This is a strictly limited number, so the NFT is excluded from any promotions and voucher campaigns.

Can I also buy the NFT with Solana?

Basically, the process is planned via the homepage with the currently available payment methods. A purchase with Solana is possible, but we ask you to create a support ticket via our contact form.

How many 100 years of Fischer NFT’s are available?

A maximum of 100 NFTs will be generated, physical skis built and shipped.

When do I get the NFT transferred to my wallet after the purchase?

Once the purchase process is complete, the NFT is automatically transferred to the wallet with which you have registered on the Fischer Sports homepage. Depending on the current transaction volume on the Solana blockchain, it may take a while (usually only a few minutes) before you can see the NFT in your wallet.

I would like to buy the 100 Years NFT from Fischer, which entitles me to receive the 100 Years Ski free of charge. What steps are necessary for this?

1. Install a wallet that supports the Solana blockchain. We recommend the Phantom Wallet or the browser plugin for the Phantom Wallet.
2. Create a new account on the wallet.
3. Connect your Wallet on the 100 years Ski Page.
4. Purchase the NFT and pay for it using one of the accepted payment methods.
5. The NFT that entitles you to the free 100 years ski will be transferred directly to the connected wallet address after successful payment (depending on the current transaction volume in the Solana blockchain, it may take some time before the NFT is visible in the wallet).
6. The physical ski will be sent to the registered address before the start of the winter season 24/25, approx. by the end of Oktober 2024.

Do I have a right of cancellation with the NFT?

As with all our products, the withdrawal period is 14 calendar days (see point 12.1 GTCs and point 12 of the special conditions). If the right of withdrawal is exercised, the NFT must be returned to the Fischer Wallet within 14 days and the right to receive the 100-year ski automatically expires.

It should be noted that transactions on the blockchain incur transaction fees that are not borne by Fischer Sports. Therefore, in order to return the NFT, there must be a minimum amount to Solana on the wallet. The return transfer of the purchase contract price will take place after receipt of the NFT on the Fischer Wallet or when you have provided proof that you have returned the NFT, whichever is earlier.

I have purchased the 100 years NFT and would like to sell it or give it away?

After receiving the NFT, the customer has the right to sell the NFT (e.g. via an NFT platform such as Magic Eden), give it away or destroy it. However, the 100-year ski is always sent to the customer who initially bought the NFT directly from Fischer.

It should be noted that transactions on the blockchain incur transaction fees that are not borne by Fischer Sports. In order to be able to send or sell the NFT, a minimum amount of Solana must be on the wallet.

I have purchased the NFT. How do I get the physical ski once it has been produced?

When you purchase the NFT, you enter your delivery information. The ski will be sent to this address. Should you wish to have the ski sent to a different address (e.g. in the case of relocation), please contact us using our contact form.

What can I do with the NFT I have purchased?

Together with the NFT, the buyer has also acquired the right to receive the physical 100 years ski free of charge, which will be shipped before the upcoming ski season (until around the end of October 2024).

Furthermore, we at Fischer will continue to deal with the topic of Web3 and it can therefore not be ruled out that all current Fischer Sports NFTs will receive functionalities in possible future Web3 applications.

Otherwise, the customer is free to give the NFT as a gift or to sell it on NFT exchanges such as Magic Eden. In the case of a sale via an NFT exchange, a Creators Fee of 5% is retained by the NFT exchange and paid out to Fischer Sports. Please note that the transaction fees for sales vary depending on the exchange (please contact the respective exchange for more information).

I have read that NFT’s are supposed to be scam. Why is that not the case with Fischer Sports NFT’s?

Unfortunately, there are really many projects in the NFT sector that create NFTs on a purely speculative basis.  

Fischer Sports does not see the 100 Years NFT as a speculative object and owning the NFT entitles you to the 100 Years Ski, which you receive free of charge in addition to purchasing the NFT.

Can I only purchase the physical ski (without NFT)?

The purchase of the pyhsical ski is only possible by purchasing the NFT bundle (no individual sale). It is not possible to order the 100 years ski or just the NFT separately.


Who should I contact if I have further questions about the NFT or the 100-year ski?

Please contact us in this regard via our contact form.

Who should I contact if there is a problem with the order?

In this case, please contact us via our contact form or call us on +43 7752 909-0 (available during business hours).