Race performance meets comfort

The newly reworked Carbonlite Skate boot is quite similar to the World Cup boot and really makes its mark with great performance at an accessible price. For those customers with a limited budget, and for young skiers whose feet are still growing, this is an attractively priced boot offering high-level performance. This boot is definitely worth a closer look.

The eye-catching slim silhouette and athletic design immediately make this boot stand out:

Carbonlite Skate and Carbonlite Skate WS

The carbon heel cup and cuff not only make the boot look more streamlined, they offer a noticeable reduction in weight compared to its predecessor. These carbon components also provide needed stability along with a direct power transfer at push-off. This is further supported by the TURNAMIC® Race Skate sole, which is made of PEBAX to ensure consistently dynamic characteristics over a wide range of temperatures.

The new lace cover is extra elastic and comfortably hugs the instep and calf. The Sealed Zipper, which limits the intrusion of water into the boot, opens to reveal the raised inner liner. This is constructed of a breathable mesh and provides added security and warmth, which really prove valuable over longer ski sessions. During development of this new component, special focus was given to comfort, with tangible results: the skier immediately feels secure and comfortable when stepping into this soft material, which couldn’t be easier, thanks to the Easy Entry Loops. The flat laces with the extra small and easy-to-use Speed Lock System ensure the boot has no uncomfortable pressure points, and that feet of any shape have a secure heel hold. The new Auto Heel Fit Strap allows the heel hold to be individually customized. This is the way to successfully enable a powerful, direct push-off to achieve high speeds on groomed tracks.

To further improve fit, a half-size spacer is included with each boot. Skiers with extremely narrow feet, or those who fall between two sizes, can insert the spacer under the insole to reduce the inner volume of the boot without affecting the length. For long lasting freshness inside the boot, the insoles are treated with Fischer Fresh.

All these details combine to make the new Carbonlite Skate a comfortable- yet high performance- racing boot at a manageable price. The best way to experience all of these benefits is to give the boot a try at the closest Fischer retailer.