My Ranger Free 110 Walk DYN

Top performance for any terrain

My Ranger Free 110 Walk DYN

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Lightweight multi-function boot with features from all Fischer specific-use boots for skiing absolutely wherever and whenever. Easily switched ski/walk mode and GripWalk Vibram® Sole offer unlimited freedom and versatility. Primaloft liner keeps feet warm and comfortable all day on the mountain.

High Performance

Set the unobtrusive, integrated Hike Ski lever in the cuff to Ski mode and the Ranger Free’s ultra stable 130 flex keeps up with full-on alpine boots. The sleek 99mm last and carbon-reinforced Grilamid shell guarantee a snug fit and secure feel at any speed.

Excellent Walkability

When the best downhills are waiting on the other side of a long uphill, the Ranger Free’s excellent walkability is a skier’s best friend. Switch the integrated lever on the cuff to Walk mode for an excellent range of forward motion. For traversing rocks or ice, the GripWalk sole allows efficient onward and upward drive.

Impressively lightweight

Less weight saves valuable energy on uphills or long tours. Every component of the Ranger Free has been scrutinized and trimmed down to reach an impressively light 1540 grams.

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My Ranger Free 110 Walk DYN




  • Item no. U17218
  • Canting Rivet Travers
  • Sole GripWalk Vibram® / black-azzurro04
  • Weight 1590
  • Velcro strap Ranger Free 50mm
  • Last in mm 99
  • Buckles Ranger Free
  • Stiffness 110
  • Shell Material Grilamid + Dynafit Insert
  • Cuff Material Grilamid
  • Size 22.5, 23.5, 24.5, 25.5, 26.5, 27.5


Motion Support
Motion Support

* Pivot point fixed liner cuff less drag during the walk more durability


The natural V-position enables skiers to control their skis with absolute precision.

Grip Walk Sole
Grip Walk Sole

The new Walk Sole unites the best of both ISO standards – the rolling walking plate from the touring sector and the performance of an Alpine walking plate.

Velcro Spoiler
Velcro Spoiler

The spoiler is fixed to the boot liner by a Velcro strap and can be adjusted individually. Higher spoiler for more support, lower spoiler for lower calf position, spoiler removed for less forward lean.

Original Dynafit Inserts
Original Dynafit Inserts

Guaranteed compatibility to all Tech-bindings and high wear resistance. Verified by lontime experience and use of these inserts.