Kikkan Randall


Kikkan Randall is a cancer fighter, an Olympic champion, a proud mum and most importantly: A passionate skier who still enjoys every second on the track sharing her passion with others! We caught up with her to see what she is up to.

Kikkan Randall - skiing with family

Kikkan Randall has seen it all. After basically growing up on skis and reaching the pinnacle of cross-country skiing by becoming an Olympic champion, she has now left her career as a professional athlete behind her to focus on life after competitive sports. As an active mom she now gets to share her passion with her son and enjoys every minute of it.

Kikkan Randall - bringing along friends

Kikkan Randall is no more active as a professional athlete, but she sure is active and loves gliding on snow. We caught up with the Olympic champion who now enjoys sharing her passion with her endurance friends, getting to pursue the sport as a hobby, rather than a profession and simply living her best life on the tracks.

Kikkan Randall - one big adventure

After skiing on groomed trails, for the last 20 years the two Olympic cross country racers Kikkan Randall and Perianne Jones are now excited to take a right hand turn, go thru deep powder and see what's on the other side of the tracks. You‘re welcome to join them.

Behind the scenes