Time to say goodbye

Her successes read like a little fairy tale: 18 World Cup victories, second in the overall World Cup 17l18 and winner of the Sprint World Cup 17l18 and 18l19...the list can be continued for a while. But after three gold and silver medals each at the Olympics, one complete medal game in gold, silver and bronze at World Championships, as well as two gold medals at European Championships, this is now the end. Anastasiya Kuzmina (SVK) symbolically hooks the biathlon rifle and her skis and now wants to take care of her family and especially the two children.

What success this winter counts the most for you?

Of course, for me the most important event of the season was the World Championship in Östersund. I am very glad that it turned out to fulfill one more dream and win the gold medal there.

What did it mean for you to win the Sprint globe?

During the winter I didn’t even think about the globe because after last year’s successful season it was hard to find motivation. The beginning of the season wasn't as I had planned, the results were not so good and I am very glad that another small globe has appeared in my collection.

What was your best experience last season?

Of course, four zeros in my favorite Oslo. Throughout my long career in professional sport, I couldn’t go four shootings without a miss and at the end of my career it turned out.

You have skied the new Speedmax 3 D skis and the new Speedmax boots many times. What do you like about them?

Throughout my career, Fischer provided me with the best material and the best skis. Each upgrade or new product introduced a new impulse to the skiing technique and of course, the new Speedmax skis helped me to win many medals both in the past and this season.

When did you decide to stop after this season?

Already at the beginning of this season, I knew that this was the last season in the professional sport for me. I want to devote more time to my family and most importantly to my children. In any case, sport is only a part of our life. It is time to say goodbye, cross this page and start something new.

How was your feeling after your last race?

It was a pleasant feeling of satisfaction from the understanding that for a long time I had the opportunity to be part of a ski/biathlon family.

What was the highlight of your whole career?

Of course winning in the Olympics and winning the small globe in sprint last season.

Do you already know which milestones are next in your life?

It is too early to say what will happen in the future, but one thing I know for sure is I will not leave far from the sport.

Will we see you again somewhere in the biathlon circus in the future?

Yes, of course. This summer I would like to participate in Blink Festival in Norway and City Biathlon in Germany. During the next season I plan visit some competitions but only as a spectators.