Tiril Eckhoff wins sprint in Ruhpolding

Tiril Eckhoff (NOR, Fischer ***) dominated the sprint in Ruhpolding (GER) and celebrated her fifth win of the season followed by Hanna Öberg (SWE, Fischer ***).

Tiril Eckhoff celebrated her fifth victory in the tenth season race. This impressive consistency is now rewarded with the yellow jersey, which she takes over from Doro Wierer (ITA), who has been struggling with already known intervertebral disc problems since Oberhof again. "Yellow is my favorite color. It is a positive color", said Eckhoff. With perfect shooting performance in still air and clearly the fastest skitime, Tiril Eckhoff was in a class of her own. Hanna Öberg was already 30 seconds behind in second place. "It was very difficult with the wind gusts in Oberhof, but it is perfect here. Today is the best biathlon weather", Eckhoff said. "I actually like a little wind, but I am very happy with the result. The proximity of the spectators at the shooting range may only distract the Germans, at my shootings they were very calm." Paulina Fialkova (SVK, Fischer ***) was also fifth with perfect shooting performance, the tenth placed Kamila Zuk (POL, Fischer ***) had to go into the penalty loop once.

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* = Fischer skis

** = Fischer skis and bindings

*** = Fischer skis, bindings and boots