Urban: The boot that’s up for anything

Whether heading to the trail- on foot or by car- or enjoying coffee afterwards: The Urban boot is up for anything. However the Urban collection isn’t just impressive off the trail, it competes stride for stride with traditional sport-specific models in authentic performance. Product manager Hannes Kogler, who is behind the development of the Urban Boots, reveals in an interview how the idea came about, what is special about it and what the future of Urban Boots looks like.

What is so unique about Urban Boots?

With the Urban Boots we have completely redesigned our cross-country ski boots. They offer a new look, but the familiar function. But right from the start it was important to us not to limit the Urban project to a new design. That's why we chose the waterproof, breathable construction and showed an additional innovation with the sole to make the boot suitable for everyday use.

How did you come up with the idea to develop such kind of boots?

We took a close look at our customers. Many recreational skiers wear their cross country ski boots not only on the cross country ski track. Some go to a café afterwards and often the way to and from the cross country track is a topic. The idea of developing boots that do not look like conventional cross country boots was therefore obvious and has been around for some time. One knows this kind of product change also from the outdoor and bike industry. We were busy with the implementation and testing for some time. We tried a lot before we were satisfied with the final result.

What are the milestones in the development of such a boot concept?

We certainly took the biggest step with the decision and implementation of the Urban Sole. Only then did the look become really good and we were able to achieve the additional functionality of good walkability through the sole.

How have the boots been received by sports retailers so far?

Very good from the very first moment. The retailers appreciate it when you think beyond "normal" collection care and set new impulses. Of course, there are also customers with a more traditional way of thinking who are slightly sceptical about something new for the time being. But I am optimistic that the product will convince in practice. 

What is the difference between the Urban Sport and Urban Cross models?

The shaft of the Urban Sport model is individually knitted and covered with TPU. The fit is also slightly tighter. This makes this model sportier than its cross counterpart.

What does the future of Urban Boots look like?

In principle, there are no limits in terms of colour and shape. We are already working on further developments with new shaft variants. However I don't want to reveal any more at this point in time.

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