Kikkan - A New Documentary about Kikkan Randall


Kikkan - A New Documentary about Kikkan Randall

Kikkan Randall spent most of her adult life attempting to win an Olympic Gold Medal. After accomplishing her goal in 2018, her life took a sudden turn with a cancer diagnosis. Her story is presented in a new documentary, "Kikkan."

Olympic Champion, Cancer Survivor, and Active Mom

From her debut in Salt Lake City to a decisive sprint finish in Pyeongchang, Kikkan Randall defined her career through Olympic aspirations. Straight from her gold-medal performance to a cancer diagnosis, she barely had a chance to catch her breath before finding herself navigating life as a single mother. The film, KIKKAN, chronicles the life of the 5-time Olympian from childhood through her US Ski career to her return to Alaska.

KIKKAN - Full Trailer

How to Watch

Kikkan will be shown adjacent to major cross-country ski events across the USA this winter. Links to buy tickets to each show when they become available.

  • February 3: Crested Butte, Colo. - WORLD PREMIERE - Buy Tickets
  • February 17: Minneapolis, Minn. - Buy Tickets
  • February 23: Hayward, Wis. - Tickets Coming Soon!
  • February 29: Anchorage, Alaska - Buy Tickets
  • March 6: Anchorage, Alaska (2nd showing) - Buy Tickets
  • March 8: Bend, Oregon - Buy Tickets
  • Online Premiere: March 8