Nordic Highlights 2017


Newly developed bindings and cross country boot soles will be presented under the TURNAMIC® brand by Fischer with the 17l18 range. The new TURNAMIC® soles and TURNAMIC® bindings are compatible with the worldwide established NNN® sole profile*.

Skiers at all levels from World Cup athletes to recreational skiers of all ages will benefit from the experience of the Nordic specialist Fischer. With ground-breaking technologies, the new products are intuitive and easy to use which is an important step in growing the appeal to new customers of the immensely attractive sport of cross country skiing.

*NNN® is a registered trademark of Rottefella AS, Norway


What makes the new TURNAMIC® setup so compelling is its easy use. The bindings quickly slide onto the plate without the use of tools. When it’s time to ski, the Turn Lock mechanism can be operated even with a gloved hand making entry and exit easier than ever before.


Throughout the entire model range, tool free adjustment is available and easy to use. Technique, temperature and snow composition all have an influence on ski performance: With all TURNAMIC® models, this completely tool free adjustment allows skiers to better match their individual needs. Sliding the system forward provides more grip, while sliding it back will noticeably improve glide. From the novice to the World Cup skier - everyone benefits.


Thanks to the optimised setup of the boot-binding-plate-ski components, TURNAMIC® gives you dynamic skiing performance like never before. FLOWFLEX® technology enables the ski to flex freely. Whereas optimum power transfer is the decisive argument for the racer, the more easy-going skier appreciates perfect control. This is where all of Fischer’s product development expertise is available for everyone to experience.


Fischer equipment has been setting the standards on the track for years. With the Twin Skin skis in addition to the Vario Crown and Zero+ models, Fischer rounds off its range of climbing-waxless skis for sporty cross country skiers.

The new Twin Skin Carbon now sets completely new standards not only through its fine appearance but also in terms of light weight and performance.

a whole new level of skin ski performance

And what makes Twin Skin so special: as the name already says, this is all about two separate skin strips which are arranged in offset positions with variable base-depth integration for smooth and balanced gliding. 100% mohair skins ensure you can rely on the kick action, especially in hard or icy conditions. Thanks to the unique Teflon coating of the skins, moisture absorption and subsequent icing is completely minimised.


As the length of the skins cannot – unlike the wax on a wax ski – be adapted to the snow conditions, the individual position of the binding is particularly important. With adjustable bindings you can influence performance: moving them forward gives you more grip and easier climbing. Moving them to the rear gives you more "glide" and better gliding properties. So you are best equipped for all conditions.


If you want to win, you should be equipped with Speedmax: skis, boots and poles at top World Cup level give you what it takes for major achievements already before the starting pistol.

The recipe: minimalist in weight, demanding in technology and a perfectionist in design. The products with the RACE CODE seal of quality for original World Cup technologies are not just reserved for the pros, they also offer sporty, ambitious skiers the best chances of victory.


If you look after your skis you will have longer lasting fun in the snow. Like looking after leather footwear with shoe care products, with skis it is (liquid) wax which is indispensable. From now on, ski care is easy: with the new Fischer Easy Care & Wax Line care products for Nordic and Alpine, elaborate and expensive waxing methods are a thing of the past. Thanks to their effects, the equipment can deliver full performance.

As a single-source supplier in Alpine and Nordic winter sport, Fischer Sports sees the addition of the Easy Care & Wax range to its product portfolio as the logical next step. The care products can be used from recreational skiing to light racing.


Developed in line with Fischer products, the Fischer Easy Care & Wax range is a liquid wax collection featuring cleaning and care products. The focus is not only on glide performance but above all also on maintaining the climbing and gliding characteristics for all Twin Skin, Profoil and Vario Crown products.