Preparation of the gliding zone

Preparation of the gliding zone

Extensive care and preparation is necessary to achieve ideal gliding properties and extend the service life of the cross country skis.

These vary according to the specific demands placed upon the ski. An ambitious skier and an athlete who orientates his performance through racing will expect the highest standards to be fulfilled. The ski must be well-prepared and cared for.

When preparing the skis you should ensure there is enough light and that the ski is fixed securely in a clamping device (wax stand). The room in which you prepare the skis should be normal room temperature and well ventilated, as a cold ski cannot absorb so much wax.

Pre-treatment of the base coating: repeated peeling with Fibertex material removes the base hairs (from the stone cut) and facilitates the wax absorption.

Cleaning the base. Dirt, dust and wax remnants can be removed with cleaning agents from a good sport shop. Take care – the ski must now air outdoors for at least 15 minutes. An alternative is hot waxing (apply and immediately remove soft gliding wax).

Application of the gliding wax with a wax iron.

Ironing the wax. The temperature should lie between 110°C and 130°C, depending on the wax hardness. The iron travels evenly over the surface in the direction of travel. Caution: Do not iron backwards and forwards or stay in one place for too long (danger of overheating!). Classic and Crown skis must not have any wax in the climbing zone.

After cooling (5 to 10 minutes) the wax in the middle channel should be removed: for example with a channel planer or a wax scraper.

The gliding wax should now be peeled off with a plexiglass blade in the direction of travel under even, light pressure. The steps "Application of the gliding wax" to "Brush the base" should be repeated to ensure an optimal base saturation; for a Plus Ski with soft wax and a Cold Ski with hard wax between 3 and 6 times.

Brush the base with a Nylon or Combi brush in the direction of travel. The base structure must be completely clean for optimal gliding quality. Repeat at least 3 times.

Once the ski has been prepared, let it cool at room temperature, ideally overnight but at least for 45 minutes. If the warm ski cools too quickly the wax leaks from the base and all the work will have been for nothing.