We all have it: the dream of an athletic body. Take matters into your own hands to try to fulfil it. Step outside your door. Swap the four walls of the fitness studio for extensive tracks, leading through a landscape covered in snow. Take the weather as it comes and start your full-body workout with Fischer SKILETICS®.

No other sport trains as many muscle groups as cross country skiing. No matter if you prefer skating or classic style, you will work especially your leg, arm and torso muscle groups with dynamic motions.

SKILETICS® by Fischer offers training programs including tips and tricks which have been developed together with top athletes and their coaches to get you in shape. Make their program yours and get the best out of your body thanks to SKILETICS®.

Nothing comes for free. But you can work for it. You might have to step outside of your comfort zone. Your effort is your constant companion. Always think about the feeling after a good day's workout. The deep satisfaction. The slight, but at the same time pleasant muscle burn. The soothing fatigue after having exercised. A feeling that can be addictive in a positive way. Turn it into your way of life. Become a part of SKILETICS® and be proud of your change.