Alpine Highlights 2017

rc4 the curv – control the CURV

The CURV boot was developed in close collaboration between the Fischer engineers and athletes to offer the extremely sporty skiers the boots they need for precise control and a fascinating curve experience.

A breakthrough which sets standards in precision, fitting, control and design and carries on seamlessly from the pure athleticism of a racing boot. Three main functions give you absolute control over the curve with the RC4.

Composite Flex Control

The thermoformable composite in the shell guarantees maximum control and unrivalled constant ski boot flex in all outdoor conditions and temperatures. As a result, the skier can concentrate fully on the perfect curve and make full use of all opportunities.

Precision Steering

The perfect forefoot geometry of the shell allows extreme curve positions, exact control and optimum power transfer.Control impulses are directed from the foot to the ski with unrivalled precision and without loss – boot and ski act as an entity for maximum precision and economy of motion. The cuff features an additional rotation possibility around the vertical axis and can thus be adapted even more individually – for perfect curve control.

Connected Fit

It is clear when you put them on the first time: everything is just right with the Fischer CURV ski boot. The shell and boot liner are perfectly tuned to each other. The three-dimensional preformed boot liner offers maximum comfort while the ergonomics of the shell and cuff are preadapted. Connected Fit means 100% control and comfort for sporty piste skiers who appreciate performance, quality and design.

VACUUM – The next step to perfection

Maximum individuality, uncompromisingly efficient and complete in its perfection – this is VACUUM. The interplay of three top technologies raises boot fitting to a new level and is unique in leading the way to a perfect fit.


To guarantee maximum individuality when determining the right ski boot, an exact 3D scan of the feet is carried out. This means that not only the length and width but also the complete shape of the foot is precisely determined. An appropriate choice of the right boots can be made based on this analysis. In the Virtual Try-on the boot is then placed over the scan. Any potential pressure points can already be localised and visualised. Should an adaptation be required, one of the two fitting technologies VACUUM ZONE FIT or VACUUM FULL FIT is chosen.


VACUUM ZONE FIT enables an uncompromisingly efficient fitting of the shell to the individual anatomy of the foot – in exactly those places where it is necessary. To begin with the pressure points determined in the 3D scan are localised and analysed. In the forming process silicone pads are placed on the shell and the Heating Pads are activated. There is then a partial adaptation of the shell to the individual foot shape to achieve the optimum fit.


VACUUM FULL FIT enables a complete fitting of the shell through VACUUM 2Zone for maximum individuality and optimum fit. In Fischer's VACUUM FULL FIT process, the shell is heated to 80°C and then you step inside the shell with the boot liner. The Cooling and Compression Pad is put on and the stand position is fixed. Fischer has developed the VACUUM Station especially for this purpose. It is the heart of the fitting process. Compressed air is used to shape the entire boot ideally to match the foot – and the boot retains this shape once it has cooled down.

Brilliant Selection – Top class from masters of the craft

Brilliant – a collection, elegant and many-sided, with absolute sharpness and precision. In a word: unique – thanks to master craftsmanship.

The Brilliant Selection consists of a premium and individual selection of the five best and top-quality ski models offered by Fischer. The selection was made with a lot of know-how by specialists; only very special skis make it to this selection and have the chance to be turned into true masterpieces. These models are refined by the specific use of top technologies and special materials such as carbon and Aramid. The Brilliant Selection stands out through sensitive and meticulous craftsmanship and professional finishing touches.

The Fischer Brilliant Selection is special in every respect. As with gemstones, it is the precise finishing with an expert hand using high-quality raw materials which produces a genuine masterpiece. And there's more: every Fischer Brilliant Selection model is unique. Thanks to a special application process, the skis become personalised and individual – your own name or even a photo can be put on them.


Your style is unique. Your time in the mountains is precious. Fischer’s newly-developed MY series celebrates individuality and provides the perfect ski to make the most of your time on snow. This women’s-specific collection is comprised of three categories:


Easy, lightweight, comfortable and sporty - this is MY Turn 74. A dream for the ladies, packed with benefits for the piste such as Sandwich Sidewall Construction and Air Tec which make the ski light but still steady. With the MBS binding – suitable for walk soles – the way to the lift is a catwalk.

Together with the MY RC Pro 100, the boot which combines the perfect fit, high comfort and optimum power transfer, the MY Turn set is ideal for all women who like to ski their turns in good company.


Why make a decision when you can have it all? Whether it's on the slopes, deep snow or off-piste – you are at home everywhere and enjoy the freedom your skis offer you. The My Mtn 84 gives you pure skiing enjoyment both on- and off-piste. The Air Tec construction combined with All Mountain Rocker unites smooth skiing and outstanding performance.


For all adventure-seekers who like to push themselves to the limit. When no hill is too steep, no mountain too high and no jump too risky, it's good to be able to rely on your skis. The My Ranger 98 with poplar wood core construction also makes light work of climbs, so you can take full advantage of the downhill ride. Less effort required in uphill sections and maximum performance on downhill rides – this ski is convincing in all disciplines.