(R)C4 - An icon turns half a century

Among all the models in the Fischer ski collections, the (R)C4 has been the ski legend par excellence for 50 years. And that for good reason.

The ski, which comes from Fischer's racing forge, has always been packed with the most innovative technologies to make the impossible possible for racers. Thus, over the years, it helped quite a few athletes become heroes of the nations through World Cup and Olympic victories. Because nowhere are the demands on human beings and their equipment greater than where success is determined in fractions of a second: on the race course.

The name C4 was taken from the prototype designation at the time. The sidecut shape 4, or internally named "Cut 4", was considered the most promising. So the ski was simply called C4. No frills, but in the usual Fischer spirit, businesslike and consistent, with the aim of being the athletes' first choice.

Numerous athletes have celebrated great successes with the Fischer (R)C4 since the 1960s. Among them is Franz Klammer, who won the downhill race in Schladming in 1973 and set a world record with a speed of 111.26 km/h. Hartmann "Harti" Weirather and Markus Wasmeier also crowned themselves world champions on the (R)C4 a few years later.

Names such as Stephan Eberharter, Michael von Grünigen, Mario Matt, Jean Baptiste Grange, Ivica Kostelic, Nici Hosp can also be found in the long list of RC4 successes.

The strong Fischer team is currently rounded off by Katharina Truppe, Ramona Siebenhofer, Daniel Yule, Max Franz, Luca Aerni, Urs Kryenbühl, Nicole Schmidhofer,... who are constantly proving that the RC4 is an indispensable masterpiece in the WorldCup.

The limited retro collection is a tribute to (R)C4 and its successful years in the World Cup. The design of the hoody from Hakro was created by our ski designers - inspired by the C4 design of the time.

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