Cruzar 100 pbV

Comfort package in a sport chassis

Cruzar 100 pbV

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Cruzar 100 offers great fit through the partial customization of the shell with VACU-PLAST and the boot liner's flexible Active Fit Zones. Freedom of movement and warmth in the toe area.

Athletic and comfortable thanks to VACUUM CF

VACUUM CF makes this boot a really athletic, all day ski partner. Custom fitting relieves boot pressure where relief is needed. The shell is adapted directly to the shape of the foot in problem zones such as the heel area to guarantee top performance.

Flexibility and comfort

A boot that delivers what you need. Its flex rating of 100 gives the Cruzar 10 VACUUM CF a high level of comfort and secure fit.

Roomy last enhances comfort

A very broad and adjustable last from 103 to 110 mm used in VACUUM technology means that this boot offers great freedom of movement - also for large feet. The generous width gives feet enough space for maximum comfort ,so you can concentrate on your skiing.

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Cruzar 100 pbV




  • Item no. U09018
  • Stiffness 100
  • Weight 1910
  • Sole ISO 5355
  • Velcro strap Cruzar 35mm
  • Buckles RC Pro
  • Shell Material Vacu-Plast
  • Last in mm 103
  • Cuff Material PP
  • Canting Rivet F15
  • Size 25.5, 26.5, 27.5, 28.5, 29.5, 30.5, 31.5



The natural V-position enables skiers to control their skis with absolute precision.

Active Fit Zones Liner - Cruzar
Active Fit Zones Liner - Cruzar

Unique boot liner construction featuring 2K technology actively supports the foot in three defined function zones. Available in three different versions: HARD: larger Power Zone for the optimum power transfer MEDIUM: more comfort through larger Comfort Zone SOFT: optimum comfort thanks to large Comfort Zone

Higher Instep
Higher Instep

Higher Instep means not more space for the instep. Step in and step out is also much easier.

Higher Toebox
Higher Toebox

More Space in the toearea means more comfort, more warmth and better first fit

100% Seamless Tongue
100% Seamless Tongue

100% Seamless Tongue. Practically no friction anymore, perfect fit.