The Fischer Racing Department

Passion, innovation, and experience - the Racing Development Team works day and night to provide athletes with perfect technical conditions at the highest level to contribute to success in the best possible way. Let us take you with us into the world of racing at Fischer.

Passion, innovation and experience

The racing development team is a mix of very experienced, extremely accomplished, incredibly passionate, and creatively innovative people. They are the absolute best in their field for skis, boots, and other hardware, and also in the racing business including their interactions with the world's best ski athletes. Because we are competing at the highest level, the details matter most!

In racing, it's all about giving everything you have! The passion to push boundaries, make the impossible possible, compete with others, and ultimately win every race is what makes alpine ski racing so fascinating. Every fan admires athletes who can prove what they are capable of after investing countless hours of training and making many sacrifices. These racers approach every race, week, and season with breathtaking physical and mental abilities.

At Fischer, we have been living this enthusiasm for ski racing for almost a century with a mixture of experience, innovation, intuition, creativity, passion, self-sacrifice, and conviction the Fischer's Race Department does everything it can to give athletes the perfect setup and help them achieve their goals in the best possible way.

At Fischer, it is important to always be in close contact with our athletes in order to translate the valuable input directly into technological innovations. There is an intensive exchange between the pros and their personal service people with the Race Directors and the Alpine Racing Department, which consists of developers, product managers, and other experts.

The world's best athletes often drop by the headquarters and production facility in Ried to share the latest findings directly with the people on site, enabling quick and efficient communication. At the Fischer Race Department, options are discussed, prototypes tested, and innovations tinkered with until the athlete has a product that is perfectly suited for their needs.

Siegfried Voglreiter, Race Director

"Racing has a very high priority at Fischer. In addition to the influence that the presence at the very highest sporting level has on the brand, its awareness, and its image, the joint work with the best in the world on the product is of course extremely important for us as a racing department. Therefore, the feedback and exchange with our athletes is absolutely central. This allows us to translate valuable input from the race courses directly into technological innovations and thus further develop our products step by step. Gaining small leads is definitely detailed work. In the past, it was possible to take important steps in the development of products with some of the biggest names in skiing history such as Franz Klammer, Hans Knauss, or Ivica Kostelić, and we have always maintained this way of working."

The know-how acquired over decades is not only about skis. Fischer created the RC4 Podium ski boot to create an ideal setup when combined with RC4 racing skis. The ski boot is the most important link between athlete and ski and is not inferior to the ski in terms of importance. In addition to an optimal fit, the boots must provide a lossless power transmission to the ski.

Not only do the best athletes of the world benefit from the detailed and innovative work of our Racing Department team. Recreational skiers on Fischer products do, too. This is because most of the innovations that are developed, tested, and established in the World Cup soon find their way into other products at Fischer. This enables every skier using Fischer products to be on the slopes with the best possible material, with or without racing gates.

So if you already own a Fischer RC4 ski, something from The Curv line, a Podium boot, or are thinking of getting something from these families of products, you can be sure that every ski and boot incorporates technologies developed at the very highest level to give you the best skis and boots you can get.

With an RC4 labeled product, you're part of the #fischerracefamily too!

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