William Larsson


  • 1994-04-10
  • SE


Absolutely Awesome: William Larsson

Swedish skier William Larsson is a great skier and athlete who is never afraid to try new things. During the summer of 2022, for example, he competed in a half-distance triathlon even though he had only tried open water swimming once before.

William Larsson headshot

“I used to do cool stuff like skateboarding and surfing,” says the Åre, Sweden resident. “But now my favorite hobbies when I’m not skiing are biking and running.”

Skiing is still Larsson’s primary passion, however. He started skiing at the age of 2, and officially joined the Fischer team in 2015. He got his start in slopestyle, but these days you’ll find William skiing with some of Åre’s best freeride skiers off-piste and in the backcountry more often than not.

As for his future goals? “I hope to ski like Sverre Liliequist when I’m old,” says William with a grin, referencing his other Fischer teammate in Sweden.

William Larsson handdrag

What are the top things we should know about you?

I’ve been competing in Alpine, Slopestyle/Big air, and Freeride.

I’m addicted to Tacos, eat that at least 2-3 times a week.

Second Favorite Type of Skiing: Slopestyle and since last year, when I debuted on the Vasaloppet, I think I need to do more Nordic skiing.

How does Fischer inspire you?

Fischer really inspires me both "as a brand,” as in what Fischer stands for, and also what products it produces and develops.

William Larsson skiing in Sweden

What is your top ski/boot from Fischer?

My favorite ski is and will forever be the Ranger 102, but slowly the new Ranger 108 is taking a bigger place in my heart as well. 
I have mostly been using the Ranger One 130 boot since then I don't have to choose if I either ski park, piste, or decide to ski tour a bit. 

Why is this your favorite ski?

For me, the Ranger 102 fills every criteria of "how a ski should be." With a playful shape and pop combined with great skiing capabilities, it's absolutely awesome for all type of terrains. I have brought the ski to the pillows in Canada, riding it on hard-packed garbage icy conditions up north in Sweden and skiing neck-deep powder in Japan, and been using it in the park in between that.  

Why is Ranger One 130 your favorite boot?

It's versatile with a great combination boot with touring capabilities.

William Larsson and Sverre Lillliquist in Are, Sweden

Biggest breakthrough in your ski career?

The first time I went off-piste, I got hooked.

Where have you not been that you want to go to (preferably for skiing)?

South America, Morocco, Greece. 

How do you train for skiing during the offseason?

I road bike and run a lot. And off course, you find at the gym sometimes.

What was your most humbling moment?

I would say that every time someone I don’t know recognizes me on the mountain is humbling.