Cover of the Racetrack Binding Plate

In the course of routine quality assurance in the manufacturing processes Fischer Sports GmbH discovered that the rear scale of the "Racetrack" binding plate cover on the initial samples and/or intro packages of the ski models listed below for the 17I18 season is partly incorrect. This scale is used for the prepositioning of the heel piece of the ski binding when it is mounted. As a result of the incorrect scale an exact prepositioning of the heel piece cannot be 100% assured in the case of certain sole lengths. If sports retailers set the bindings properly with manual and mechanical inspection, including a test report, this will ensure the correct final positioning of the heel piece when the bindings are mounted and perfect binding performance as a result – despite the partly incorrect scale.

If, however, the heel piece stays in an incorrect preposition as indicated by the scale, there is a risk of the user falling and being injured due to the reduced grip and release values of the ski binding. The number of items concerned is extremely low. The ski binding itself is in perfect working order. Our high standards in terms of quality and responsibility have prompted us to take a proactive approach with this recall/call for replacement in order to assure the quality of our products in every respect and eliminate without fail a possible source of error in future binding settings.

It applies to shipped "Racetrack" binding plates of initial samples and/or intro packages of the following ski models of the upcoming 17I18 season:
A05017 Brilliant RC4 Racetrack, A05317 Brilliant Pro Racetrack, A05617 Brilliant Ma Turn Racetrack, A08117 RC4 The Curv GT Racetrack, A08217 RC4 The Curv DTX Racetrack, A06017 RC4 Woldcup RC Racetrack, A06517 RC4 Worldcup SC Racetrack, A06617 RC4 Worldcup SC yellow base Racestrack, A09317 Progressor F19 Ti Racetrack

Of these ski models, those which were produced until week 14|2017 are affected – including first production
lots in 2016. The year and calendar week when the skis were made are stamped on the sidewall of the skis
(see picture). Any skis produced after this date are NOT affected.

The "Racetrack" binding plate concerned in this call for replacement can be seen on the following photos on the left. The binding plate pictured on the right has the rear scale with the correct values.


  • The covers of the "Racetrack" binding plate on the skis in question will be replaced free of charge as a precautionary measure. The replacement will be carried out from July 2017 by the dealer who supplied the skis concerned.
  • Users should take the skis in question and ski boot with them for the cover to be replaced. The replacement is carried out manually and can be done on the spot.
  • Skiers can also use the skis concerned before the binding plate covers are exchanged, but we recommend checking the binding mounting beforehand as a precaution. Additionally we recommend (further) use of the skis in question only if the binding has been mounted with due care by an approved retailer with a manual and mechanical check including test report.
  • To avoid any potential risks of error in the future we recommend replacing binding plate covers without fail from July 2017, also in the case of ski bindings mounted by retailers.
Further information for all customers who are affected is available from:
infoline +43 7752 909-2539
email: service@fischersports.com

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