Cross-country ski length for kids

Skiers of every age enjoy cross-country skiing. An absolute essential is that they have the correct size skis, especially when they’re young skiers who are still learning and developing their technique. Here’s how to find the right size, plus some other tips that will help get the whole family out on their skis.

Cross-country ski length for kids

Adult ski sizes can be determined by overall body size. Check out the Fischer Product Finder for help, if you need. The Product Finder will also help you zero in on exactly the size and type of skis children and juniors need.


Children’s cross-country skis come in lengths from 110cm to 170cm. When in doubt, choose a slightly shorter ski. Even if it’s not perfect, a more manageable, lighter ski is preferable to a ski that is too long and extremely difficult to control.

kid cross-country ski length

Here is a good starting point for determining the right ski length:


  • Skate ski beginners: Height minus 5-10cm
  • Skate ski advanced: Height plus 5-10cm


  • Classic ski beginners: Height plus10cm
  • Classic ski advanced: Height plus10-20cm
kids cross-country skis