10 Years of the Fischer Transalp

Crossing the snow-covered Alps on a pair of skis demands a healthy dose of passion. Passion for the mountains. Passion for skiing. A passion that makes it possible to overcome obstacles and provides unforgettable moments. The annual Fischer Transalp offers an unique skiing experience with like-minded people and guided by experts - in spring 2020 for the tenth time in succession.

Fischer Transalp

In March 2020 the Fischer Transalp will set out once again to cross the Alps on touring skis. Starting in Sella Nevea, this year’s tour leads through the southern part of the Alps to Cortina.


  • Dates of the Fischer Transalp: 2-8/3/2020
  • Requirements: Good level of physical fitness, able to handle six days of ski touring with around 1,500 m of ascent every day, experience in judging terrain and safety; solid, very safe skiing ability and technique in all snow conditions.

Participants 2020:

  • Kaja Brodtkorb, Norway
  • Angelika Zeilinger, Austria
  • Franziska Kofler, Italy
  • Pascal Waser, Switzerland
  • Ulrich Sperling, Germany
  • Sergey Turikov, Russia

Route Transalp 2020:

  • Day 1 :
    Mosesscharte (2.271 m) - crossing Sella Nevea to Saisera - 1.250 m ascent, 1.300 m descent
  • Day 2:
    Crossing of Nassfeldpass to Tressdorf - Ascent of the Ringmauer (2.018 m) - 600 m in ascent
  • Day 3:
    Crossing of the Plöcken Pass to Collina - ascent of the Hohe Warte (2.780 m) - 1.760 m ascent, 1.430 m descent to the Rifugio Tolazzi, Collina
  • Day 4:
    Crossing Forni Avoltri to Untertilliach - Ascent of the Steinkarspitz (2.524 m) - 2.000 m in the ascent
  • Day 5:
    Crossing Obertilliach to Kartitsch - ascent of the Wildkarlegg (2.532 m) - 1.570 m ascent
  • Day 6:
    Crossing Kartitsch to Sexten/Moos-Kreuzbergpass - ascent of the Humut (2.592 m) - 1.212 m ascent, 950 m descent


We offer:

  • Six days half board
  • Six overnight stays
  • Transfers
  • Professional tour guides
  • Fischer tour set consisting of skis, bindings, tour boots, climbing system and poles
  • Transalp ski tour apparel

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Review of past FISCHER TRANSALP tours

Fischer Transalp 2019

The ninth Fischer Transalp ended on 7 April. Eight selected participants from all over the world set off from Livigno, Italy to cross the Alps with mountain guides and the Fischer team. The destination of this year’s route: Innsbruck, Austria.

Transalp Tour Diary 2019

Fischer Transalp 2018

USA, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria – the eighth Fischer Transalp was more international than ever. The Fischer Transalp 2018 began at the precise spot where Fischer has its roots. At the headquarters of the ski manufacturers in Ried im Innkreis, the participants were able to subject the production of the brand-new tour equipment to thorough scrutiny before setting off, perfectly kitted out, for the mountains.

Transalp Tour Diary 2018