Fischer Transalp 2019

Crossing the snow covered Alps demands a healthy dose of passion. Passion for the mountains. Passion for skiing. The passion that unleashes the strength needed to conquer a steep summit and to savor a long downhill run. In order to guarantee safety, however, you need meticulous planning and professional guides – which is precisely what the Fischer Transalp offers every year.

Fischer Transalp 2019

In April, 2019 the Fischer Transalp will set out to cross the Alps on touring skis for the ninth time. This edition of the route starts in Innsbruck and winds its way through Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

Past Fischer Transalp tours have experienced the widest variety of conditions possible. Participants have had to climb in snowstorms, and have also enjoyed stunning panoramas. They’ve crossed glaciers in thick fog, and they’ve braved relentless downpours. They’ve been under the gun of enormous time pressure, and they’ve also made the first ski tracks in virgin snow. No matter what the Alps threw at them, the participants pulled together as one and overcame every challenge and always had a smile on their faces at the end of the day.

We’re excited to see what this year’s tour has in store for the Transalp Crew. The planned route:

Day 1: Livigno - Val Müstair

Day 2: Tschierv – Graun / Val Venosta

Day 3: Graun – Vernagthütte

Day 4: Vernagthütte – Wildspitze – Mandarfen

Day 5: Mandarfen - Längenfeld

Day 6: Längenfeld - Franz-Senn-Hütte – Innsbruck (AUT)

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Review of past FISCHER TRANSALP tours

Fischer Transalp 2018

With the US, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria represented, the eighth edition of the Fischer Transalp had the most international cast ever. The 2018 tour started where Fischer’s roots run deep: at the brand’s headquarters, where the creation of brand new touring gear was inspected in detail before the group headed out with top-flight new gear towards the mountains.

Transalp Tour Diary 2018

Fischer Transalp 2017

The adventure for the Transalp group 2017 including mountain guides and Fischer support team members started on Sunday 19 March as they set off for Chamonix, France. It is from there that they will cross the Alps in six stages on touring skis. The final destination: Torino, Italy. The weather gods appear to be smiling on the crew, and so the first day begins in brilliant sunshine under a cloudless sky…

Transalp Tour Diary 2017