Alpine and Nordic Highlights 21|22

The days are getting shorter and the next winter is just around the corner. Are you and your equipment ready for it? If not, take a look at our webshop - the new 21l22 collection is now online and waiting for you.

RC4 The Curv

Define your line.

Choose for yourself exactly how every turn will be so you can ski right to the edge. The new generation of RC4 The Curv line is the perfect choice for skiers who don’t make compromises.

The whole Curv range was developed together with the four athletes Hans Knauss, Mike von Grünigen, Christina Födermayr and Kyle Smaine to guarantee the ultimate in turning enjoyment as well as straight-up fun from the first turn through to the last.

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Transalp Boots

The real goal is the descent.

When hardcore skiers go ski touring they usually place emphasis on two aspects: the most effortless ascent and an exhilarating descent. That’s exactly what we had in mind as we developed the new Transalp ski touring boots.

Two different worlds are combined, in a way that’s never been experienced before: the stability and downhill power of alpine boots plus the minimal weight and agility of ski touring boots.

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The first choice of champions.

If anyone wants to know what the first choice of champions is when it comes to skis, they just need to take a look at any World Cup podium and the answer is clear: the Speedmax 3D. It’s easily recognizable by the yellow gliding sidewall that lets it save those hundredths of seconds which can be decisive for victory.

The wide selection of Speedmax 3D models addressing a variety of conditions is getting an additional specialty tool in 21l22: The Speedmax 3D Skate 61K, which is specially constructed for soft conditions and has proven itself successfully in numerous World Cup races, is now available at sport specialty retailers.

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Blaze your own trail.

The Fischer TRANSNORDIC is calling.

In spring 2022 the premiere of the Fischer TRANSNORDIC takes place. The new Adventure models from Fischer will be there at the starting line.

It’s not just their new design that impresses: even though they are noticeably much lighter, they have retained their rugged durability throughout the development process which involved everything from long winter tours to expeditions into the great unknown. That’s how they’ve already provided a select few winter adventurers indescribable experiences and then escorted them safely home.

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RC4 WorldCup CT


The new Race Cut 4 is simply the best for the best, and has defined Fischer’s reputation throughout the racing world. The RC4 was developed with top world cup athletes to offer the precision and control you‘d expect from Fischer’s race department.

The new shape allows instant acceleration with unparalleled edge grip as well as the stability to control it. Fischer’s new racing plate also provides exactly the right level of flex for smooth, solid turns at every level. It’s the skis responsiveness to your body‘s input and immediate reaction time that turns great skiers into champions. So be one.

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We know your feet.

We combined the exact evaluation of over 25,000 3D foot scans with decades of practical boot making and boot fitting experience. Regardless of what performance category suits you, the result of blending hard data and practical know-how, with four fit categories – Race Volume, Low Volume, Mid Volume, and High Volume – will provide you with a more precise fit recommendation than previously possible.

There is now a simple, quick way to determine the right boot for you in any segment of our collection. Using the all-new alpine boot grid, find your individual Last-Volume along the horizontal axis. Then find your desired Performance Segment on the vertical axis. Finally, just select the numeric flex level of the suggested boot model.

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