With SKILETICS® fit into the summer

20 seconds left. For now. Meanwhile the sweat has inexorably made its way from the skin through the cotton T-shirt to the floor all around. The last few seconds pass slowly. Legs, arms and body burn. The last exercise of the SKILETICS® workout plan has to be done today. SKILETICS® - what is that? It's Fischer's training program that offers free workout plans for a total body workout - which anyone can do at home, especially in times like these, without any major equipment.

Everyone wants to exercise and keep fit at the moment - the question is only how and according to which plan. Fischer can look back on a long and successful tradition in the ski sector, equipping athletes for their competitions and adventures, from world champions to World Cup series winners to Olympic heroes. And it is exactly this experience that Fischer now uses and offers free workout plans and explaining videos on how to keep fit without having to move around too much. There's something for everyone who wants to move:


- Workout plans for beginners

- Workout plans for advanced

- Workout plans for experts

SKILETICS® comprises numerous ready-to-use preparation programmes for home use, put together by World Cup coaches. Motivated endurance athletes can keep fit all year round with this free offer. The structure and scope of the training units are always selected in such a way that a full training program can be completed in more or less one hour. Those who, especially in times of Corona, have no possibility to exercise outside keep fit with the indoor plans and thus already now lay the basis for the snow or many other endurance sports. Combined with burpees, jumps and push-ups for challenging circuit training, coordination, endurance and strength can be trained, the body stays fit and ready for the next winter season, but also for the hopefully soon unlimited running or cycling units.

In fact you don't have to be a skier to benefit from SKILETICS® sessions. Anyone who is at home in endurance sports or is simply looking for a change from their classic training routine will benefit - completely free of charge - from the training for legs, arms and trunk. Simply choose one of the clearly structured plans, look up unfamiliar exercises in the detailed video descriptions at the beginning and then follow the warm-up and the crisp session itself. Simple, uncomplicated and efficient.

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