Welcome to the Fischer Race Family Jasmine Flury

Speedster Jasmine Flury will go to the starting line with Fischer as of the upcoming season. In this interview the 27 year old Swiss shares with us what led her to switch to Fischer, how she gives her batteries a recharge, and what her goals are for the new season:

1.  Jasmine, we’re really delighted to welcome you to the Fischer Race Family! Tell us about your decision to come over and race for Fischer.

Thanks so much. I’m really happy to be part of the Fischer Race Family. At the end of last season I really felt I wanted to test various skis, just to finally see how other ones felt. I had formed a positive feeling about Fischer right from the first phone conversation. That positive feeling was confirmed when I travelled to Austria for a ski test. I was impressed by the obvious passion of the entire team. I immediately felt welcome and very comfortable. It was the exact same feeling on the skis: I immediately felt sure and stable with the Fischer set-up. The skis themselves, the company, and the whole Fischer team convinced me right away. I’m really looking forward to working together.

2. Give us a look into your summer training. What all do you do before things start up in the fall?

Part one was a long, high intensity conditioning phase beginning of summer. After that I spent a few mellow days at home in Graubünden to recharge my batteries a little. Then at the beginning of August I started ski training in Zermatt. Now I’ll work through specific training phases with my SwissSki team on the Swiss glaciers to get fully prepared for the upcoming season.

3. As you reflect on your career to this point, which moment stands out as really special?

Clearly, without doubt, my first Super-G World Cup win in my hometown St. Moritz. My childhood dream came true right in the canton where I grew up.

4. If there is anyone you would describe as a role model, who would it be and why?

Role model is maybe the wrong term, but like a lot of people in the world, I admire Roger Federer. Why? I think that’s pretty obvious. :D

5. Have you been passionate about skiing your entire life?

Yes. I got up on skis for the first time at three years old. Both my older sisters also skied, so it was pretty clear that as the youngest I would want to emulate them.

6. Was it always a goal of your to be a ski racer?

At around fourteen is when I really wanted to become a racer. Before that for me it was more about spending as much time on the slopes with my friends from Skiclub Rhinerhorn as possible. The ski races themselves were more of a side interest for me up to that point.

7. How do you prefer to spend your time when you’re not actually out on your skis or training for the season?

Since we’re travelling so much throughout the entire year, I really enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I prefer spending my free time outside in nature, which is the best place for me to shut down and replenish my energy. Since I live right in the middle of the Bündner Alps, my favorite recreational activities are all right there for me - ski touring, cycling, and hiking, among others.

8. What goals have you set for the upcoming Olympic year?

My goal is to consistently be competing at the front of the field and to stand on the World Cup podium again. And, yes, I dream of an Olympic medal…

9. Last but not least, what does skiing mean to you?

Skiing is my passion. I feel free. And I feel lucky - skiing is what I love to do the most.