Norwegian women and men dominate relay races

Karoline Offigstad Knotten (NOR, Fischer ***), Ida Lien (NOR, Fischer ***), Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold (NOR, Fischer ***) and Tiril Eckhoff (NOR, Fischer ***) won the relay race ahead of France and Germany as well as Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen (NOR), Johannes Dale (NOR, Fischer ***), Tarjei Bø (NOR, Fischer ***) and Johannes Thingnes Bø (NOR, Fischer ***) followed by the Ukraine and Sweden.

The women's relay was very exciting for a long time, only Tiril Eckhoff made the final decision. The Norwegian crossed the finish line 28 seconds ahead of the French women Julia Simon (FRA), Justine Braisaz (FRA, Fischer ***), Chloe Chevalier (FRA) and Anais Bescond (FRA), who tied with Norway and Ukraine at the third exchange despite a penalty from Braisaz. Denise Herrmann (GER, Fischer ***) managed to overtake Russia and Ukraine after the last shooting and celebrated the podium along with Karolin Horchler (GER, Fischer ***), Vanessa Hinz (GER) and Franziska Preuß (GER, Fischer ***). The Ukrainians Anastasiya Merkushina (UKR), Yuliia Dzhima (UKR, Fischer ***), Valj Semerenko (UKR, Fischer ***) and Olena Pidhrushna (UKR, Fischer ***) finished fourth ahead of the Russians Ekaterina Yurlova-Percht (RUS , Fischer ***), Irina Starykh (RUS), Larisa Kuklina (RUS, Fischer ***) and Kristina Reztsova (RUS, Fischer ***).

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Thanks to the Bø brothers, the Norwegians celebrated a clear victory by significantly increasing the small lead from the middle of the race. Johannes Thingnes Bø was able to take it easy on the last lap because his lead after the shooting was more than a minute. On the last lap, Ukrainian Dmytro Pidruchnyi UKR) had the most energies of the chasing quartet, which meant second place for him and his colleagues Artem Pryma (UKR), Sergii Semenov (UKR, Fischer **) and Ruslan Tkalenko (UKR) ahead of the Swedes Sebastian Samelsson (SWE), Jesper Nelin (SWE), Peppe Femling (SWE, Fischer **) and Martin Ponsiluoma (SWE, Fischer ***) and the Russians Matvey Eliseev (RUS), Evgeniy Garanichev (RUS, Fischer *** ), Eduard Latypov (RUS, Fischer ***) and Said Karimulla Khalili (RUS, Fischer ***). The German team, which was set back by a penalty loop by Philipp Horn (GER, Fischer ***), took fifth place.

=> Relay Nove Mesto (CZE)

* = Fischer skis

** = Fischer skis and bindings

*** = Fischer skis, bindings and boots