German ski jumping girls win team competition

Carina Vogt, Anna Rupprecht (both GER, Fischer), Juliane Seyfarth (GER) and Katharina Althaus (GER, Fischer) celebrated a sovereign victory in the second team competition of the winter in Ljubno (SLO). Second place went to Slovenia ahead of Austria.

For the second time this season, the winner of the team competition in the Ski Jumping World Cup in Ljubno is Germany, this time with Anna Rupprecht instead of Ramona Straub (GER). The quartet showed a well-balanced performance with all eight jumps between 85 and 90 meters, taking the other teams one or two meters away. In the team of the local heroes composed of Jerneja Brecl (SLO), Spela Rogelj (SLO, Fischer), Nika Kriznar and Ursa Bogataj (both SLO), Nika Kriznar was clearly the best with the longest jumps of the day, but more than second place was not possible for her team. Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, Lisa Eder, Chiara Hölzl (all AUT, Fischer) and Eva Pinkelnig (AUT) made it onto the podium without Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT, Fischer). But that was mainly because the co-favorites from Norway with Anna Odine Strøm, Ingebjørg Saglien Bråten, Silje Opseth and Maren Lundby (all NOR, Fischer) were thrown back by a fall from Bråten and finished only sixth. Japan's Nozomi Maruyama, Yuka Seto (both JPN, Fischer), Yuki Ito and Sara Takanashi (both JPN) missed the podium by just two points.

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