Chiara Hölzl celebrates her first World Cup victory

In difficult wind conditions in Klingenthal (GER) Chiara Hölzl (AUT, Fischer) got her first World Cup victory after just one round. Katharina Althaus (GER, Fischer) finished third.

The women's World Cup skijumping had to be interrupted and postponed several times because, as announced, the wind conditions were difficult. Finally, the only 5 feet short Chiara Hölzl took her first World Cup victory after the longest jump at 141 meters. Maren Lundby (NOR, Fischer) , who was jumping behind her, had too little feeling in the air today, she pushed the ski down and lost too much height. With her 127 meters, not more than fifth place was possible. Katharina Althaus realized her first podium this winter with finishing third. Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT, Fischer) performed better this time than in Lillehammer and finished sixth after inconsistencies with the coaches during the summer. Yuki Ito (JPN, Fischer) finished eighth, tenth went to Silje Opseth (NOR, Fischer).

Since it was quite late after the first round and the men were still waiting for their team competition, the final round was canceled.

=> HS140 Klingenthal (GER)