more Speed for Everyone – Cold Base Bonding

After the Cold Base Bonding technology as the heart of the Speedmax models was successfully used in the past years and was appreciated by World Cup athletes and their servicemen, this revolutionary technology of ski construction was extended with the 19l20 collection to all Carbonlite and RCS ski models.

The secret of speed lies in the finest detail. Or to be more precise, in the molecular structure of the base. High temperatures and pressure in conventional base application processes have a negative effect on this structure. Which is why Fischer has developed Cold Base Bonding: a unique patented process, which retains the homogeneity of the original molecular structures by avoiding heat and pressure when the base is added. The individual pores of the base remain intact in their original form. The previously unattainable wax absorption and considerably improved grindability of the base lead additionally to the best conditions for maximum speeds. As a result, Fischer gives you exclusively unrivalled gliding properties and maximum speed with all Speedmax, Carbonlite and RCS models!