Norway tight relay winner ahead of Germany


Norway tight relay winner ahead of Germany

Johannes Dale (NOR, Fischer ***), Erlend Bjøntegaard (NOR) as well as Tarjei and Johannes Thingnes Bø (both NOR, Fischer ***) celebrated a tight victory in the relay at Biathlon World Cup in Hochfilzen (AUT). In an extremely exciting race the second place went to Philipp Horn (GER, Fischer ***), Johannes Kühn (GER, Fischer ***), Arnd Peiffer (GER) and Benedikt Doll (GER) followed by Antonin Guigonnat (FRA), Emilien Jacquelin (FRA), Fabien Claude (FRA, Fischer ***) and Quentin Fillon Maillet (FRA, Fischer ***).

Norway started the relay race with a tremendous performance by Johannes Dale, who handed over to to his compatriot with a 20 second lead. After a penalty loop from Bjøntegaard in prone shooting because he started the race at too high a pace and he even gained some time against the fast Johannes Kühn, the Norwegian team initially dropped back clearly. France temporarily took the lead until Kühn gaimed a lead until the exchange. Arnd Peiffer was able to extend the lead even further, Tarjei Bø was the first pursuer, 43 seconds behind. It still promised to be an exciting race, Benni Doll against the chasing Johannes Thingns Bø. The Norwegian increased the pace in his second lap and was up to 13 seconds after the last shooting. Benedikt Doll gave everything, but the Norwegian caught up with him on the home stretch and snatched the victory away from the very strong German team. 50 seconds later, France's anchorman Quentin Fillon Maillet crossed the line in third. The Canadian quartet with Jules Burnotte, Aidan Millar and the Gow brothers Scott and Christian (all CAN), who shot excellently with just six spare rounds, took fourth place ahead of Michal Slesingr (CZE), Michal Krcmar (CZE), Adam Vaclavik (CZE, Fischer **) and Jakub Stvrtecky (CZE, Fischer **).

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* = Fischer skis

** = Fischer skis and bindings

*** = Fischer skis, bindings and boots