Hello Kaja Norbye!

She medalled twice at the 2019 Junior World Championships, has already made it to the podium on numerous occasions in Europa Cup and got a taste of the World Cup for the first time last season: 20-year-old Norwegian Kaja Norbye is an up-and-coming talent with big plans! During a visit to our headquarters in Ried she spoke about what makes her life as an athlete so special.

Hi Kaja! We're delighted to have you here with us in Ried! The last season was incredibly successful for you. Have you always had a passion for skiing?

Absolutely, I've been on skis ever since I can remember! It all began at the tender age of three… when I skied my first turns on a hill in my hometown of Oslo. I've been training at my club since I was eight. Before that I had already accompanied my sisters when they went training and I was desperate to be doing the same as them!

And how long have you been with Fischer?

That's a good question! Every moment I can remember has been with Fischer skis, so it's definitely 10 years at least!

When you think of your career so far: which moment in particular sticks out in your mind?

I would say my first victory in the Europa Cup. That was a truly wonderful moment and I would of course like to experience it in the World Cup, too, in the future!

You train hard the whole year to reach this goal. Is there such a thing as a break for you after a tough season?

For me it's extremely important to take a little time off after the season and do something completely different. This spring, for example, I travelled to Costa Rica to do some surfing. This gives me the opportunity to get to know new countries and still train my body at the same time. But even if I do put my skis to one side for a short time, I'm still a skier through and through. It's something I'm proud of and it's also the first thing I mention when I meet new people!

What plans do you have before the next season begins? How do you train in summer?

I train together with all the other Norwegian athletes at the Olympic Sport Centre in Oslo. It's a very varied training programme over six weeks, ranging from working out in the gym to different sports which are ideal preparation for us for the season. This year, for example, the martial art Brazilian jiu-jitsu was part of it. This is an intensive time for my body but it is the only way for me to become stronger! In August I'll be flying to Chile for a month for ski training. 

What target have you set yourself for next season?

My main target is to become an established racer in the World Cup! This is also what I will also be aiming for in the upcoming season. 


What is the best thing about your life as an athlete?

The best thing about my life as a sportswoman is that I get to travel. I see beautiful places and meet interesting people. And: I love competing! Racing means so much to me! I learn how to win, I learn how to lose. And above all, I learn how to focus 100% on myself and the race.