German ski jumpers triumph at World Championship premiere

The German team with Juliane Seyfarth, Ramona Straub (both GER), Carina Vogt and Katharina Althaus (both GER, Fischer) secured the gold medal in the new team competition of the ski jumping ladies at World Championships. Silver went to Eva Pinkelnig (AUT), Jacqueline Seifriedsberger, Chiara Hölzl and Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (all three AUT, Fischer) ahead of Anna Odine Strøm, Ingebjørg Saglien Bråten, Silje Opseth and Maren Lundby (all NOR, Fischer).

Germany, Norway and Austria - these were the candidates for the medals today with Germany as the clear favorite. Slovenia and Japan are too weak to fight for the medals this season, with Japan only finishing sixth today. In the favorite team from Germany, surprisingly, the weakest one was clearly the best today: Ramona Straub. "I got along really well with this hill from the first jump", she said, changing a 9 point gap into a 20 point lead in the first round. This lead against Austria and Norway for a short while after Maren Lundby's hill record, remained relatively constant until the end, allowing the German quartet to celebrate historic gold as the first title winner at World Championships. In the Austrian team Daniela Iraschko-Stolz showed the longest jump with 104.5 meters, but also showed that she is not stable again after three weeks of bed rest because of pneumonia. In the end Austria and Norway separated only four points. Slovenia took fourth place ahead of Russia.

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