German ski jumpers succeed despite fall

Karl Geiger, Markus Eisenbichler (both GER, Fischer), David Siegel and Stephan Leyhe (both GER) celebrated a wafer-thin victory in team competition in Zakopane (POL) ahead of Austria and Poland. However, the success was overshadowed by a fall with severe knee injury.

It was a victory that no one really wanted to celebrate: The Poles had already ordered national mourning over the murder of the Danzig mayor, so that the public was not as euphoric as usual. Then a risky competition management by the jury was one of the reasons for a fall with a serious knee injury, because the athletes were allowed to jump over hill record without shortening the inrun length. It was a tragic situation with David Siegel, whose team was in the lead with 20 points after six jumps. With all eight jumps over 130 meters, the young team showed a considerable consistency even without Wellinger and Freitag (both GER, Fischer). Markus Eisenbichler improved the hill record to 143 meters, which Dawid Kubacki later increased by another half meter. However, the jury saw no reason to shorten the inrun, so that David Siegel as the third jumper of the team flew down to 142.5 meters and wasn't able to land the jump. Apparently he already had severe pain in his right knee when landing. After his fall, the German team was still just ahead and saved 0.1 points to the victory of the team until the end. "It's extremely bitter, it was such a great competition from a young team, but we probably lost one athlete for the season today. Something seems to have broken in the right knee. He made a landing error, but they already should had shorten the inrun length after Eisenbichlers hill record", said coach Werner Schuster and Markus Eisenbichler explained with tears in his eyes: "Since I only had one look, I know what's going on. That's just shit what happened to David, that is just shit!" Shortly thereafter, three German ski jumpers cparticipated in the award ceremony - at least the skis of David Siegel were also there.

Only by a hair's breadth the Austrians Daniel Huber (AUT, Fischer), Jan Hörl (AUT), Michael Hayböck and Stefan Kraft (both AUT) were beaten, but celebration mood did not want to arise anyway. Poland's Piotr Zyla, Maciej Kot (both POL), Kamil Stoch (POL, Fischer) and Dawid Kubacki (POL) were able to make it onto the podium after the third-placed Norwegians Andreas Stjernen ( NOR), Anders Fannemel (NOR, Fischer), Johann Andre Forfang and Robert Johansson (both NOR) were disqualified by a rule violation with the suit of Forfang before his final jump. Fourth went to Slovenia with Semenic, D.Prevc, Lanisek and Zajc (all SLO).

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