First home win for Stefan Kraft

Stefan Kraft (AUT, Fischer) celebrated his first home win in ski flying on the Kulm in Bad Mitterndorf (AUT). After just one round, he relegated Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN) and Timi Zajc (SLO) to the following places.

Right from the start it was a difficult competition with changing conditions. In the first round, the wind came transversal from the front for many athletes, but in the final more and more jumpers had a clear tailwind - especially the last athletes. After a long interruption before the last three jumpers, the competition was canceled and only the first round counted. Karl Geiger (GER, Fischer), third at the time of cancellation after a final jump with a lot of tailwind, criticized: "I am becoming verily upset! In the past weeks I have always had at least one jump in the competition, where I had to jump in bad conditions and I think I had bad wind at the bottom in the first round as well. That really pisses me off!"For Kamil Stoch (POL, Fischer) it worked at least worse, he had a bit more tailwind than Geiger and landed already at 159 meters.

After all, the winner could cheer on top of the hill without his teammates - only Kobayashi and Zajc were still on top to congratulate Stefan Kraft on his first victory on Austrian soil. "It was not easy in the second round, you know that the conditions are not good when there are many breaks. I can't say if it was the right decision to cancel. It's great that I could finally win a competition in Austria. It's very special because my family and many friends were here. Of course, it would have been even better to jump in the second round, but it was a fantastic day", he said. In the end, Kamil Stoch was still happy with fourth place, Karl Geiger finished sixth.

=> HS235 Bad Mitterndorf (AUT)