Stina Nilsson


  • 24.06.1993
  • Sweden
  • 174 cm


Jonna Sundling wins first World Cup victory in Lillehammer

In the freestyle sprint of the mini-tour in Lillehammer (NOR) Jonna Sundling (SWE, Fischer) became another premiere winner this winter followed by her compatriot Stina Nilsson (SWE, Fischer) and Sadie Bjornsen (USA, Fischer skis, bindings and boots). In the men's sprint, Emil Iversen (NOR, Fischer skis, bindings and boots) finished second. Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (NOR, Fischer skis, bindings and boots) was eliminated in the semifinals.

The final started like all the heats of the young Norwegian Kristine Stavås Skistad (NOR, Fischer skis, bindings and boots): The 19-year-old, who missed the heats draw and then had to take what remained at the end, skied in her second World Cup race her own pace and all heats from the lead. Shortly before the first climb Stina Nilsson took the lead and as the Norwegian always had her problems in the uphills, the Swede continued to increase her lead - and seemed unreachable ahead. In the second climb just before the stadium, the competitors led by Jonna Sundling had almost closed the gap and on the home straight Stina Nilsson had nothing to add against the younger teammate, so that Jonna Sundling celebrated her first ever World Cup victory and could not believe it. "It's a very tough track, but it was better today than it was yesterday [in fresh snow]. I've felt better from heat to head and it was nice to be in the final and I can do not believe it yet", rejoiced the smiling winner. Stina Nilsson immediately congratulated her team-mate at the finish line and was not unhappy with her second place finish in the absence of the sick Maiken Caspersen Falla (NOR, Fischer skis, bindings and boots). Sadie Bjornsen made it onto the podium, narrowly missed by the third Swede Evelina Settlin (SWE, Fischer skis, bindings and boots). Kristine Stavås Skistad, who was very strong in test races and surprisingly not elected for the Ruka squad, was visibly disappointed with her fifth place.

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In the final of the men due to tactical games in the very heavily occupied first semi-final, from which only Krogh and Pellegrino made it into the final, some big names were missing - including Johannes Høsflot Klæbo. The Norwegian had barely led in the last climb when Calle Halfvarsson (SWE) kicked him on the pole, which then broke. Klæbo stopped immediately and gave up. He hit into the snow with his poles, so he had to make his way to the finish without any pole. In the final, all but Ristomatti Hakola (FIN, Fischer skis, bindings and boots) had a chance to win the podium. Emil Iversen, Federico Pellegrino (ITA) and Alex Harvey (CAN) quickly emerged as favorites, taking the first places among themselves. The Norwegian tried to escape in the meantime, but Pellegrino was alert and immediately attacked in the climb. Iversen still tried to follow, but he did not quite succeed, so that Pellegrino went with a small lead on the home stretch. He rejoiced over his first win of the season ahead of Emil Iversen. Sindre Bjørnestad Skar (NOR, Fischer skis, bindings and boots) took fourth place ahead of Finn Hågen Krogh (NOR, Fischer skis, bindings and boots) and Ristomatti Hakola.

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