HAKUNA MATATA - Anna Gandler


HAKUNA MATATA - Anna Gandler

Up-and-coming Austrian biathlete Anna Gandler is one of the biggest talents in biathlon and she made some big breakthroughs in 23l24! With her strong will and remarkable stamina, she inspires fans and experts alike. She likes to give fans a look behind the scenes on social media and at the same time, thanks to her strong will, continues to strive for the top.

When did you start biathlon?

I started around the age of 7, although the rifle was still far too big for me at the time. But I really wanted to be like Magdalena Neuner :).

What was your dream job as a little girl?

My plan A was to become a successful biathlete so that I could buy a small farm. Plan B was to become a vet.

Which training do you like the least?

Strength training: I prefer to exercise in nature rather than in a gym.

What does social media mean to you?

For me, social media means being able to express my creativity. I also use Instagram, Facebook, and others to show my fans what life as an athlete is like behind the scenes. For me, it's also like a photo book with memories that I like to look at again and again.

How would your roommate describe you?

Calm, straightforward, and determined.

What three things should we know about you?

When I was little, I didn't just do biathlon, but also jazz and step dancing. I also did athletics and I played the violin at music school for 7 years.

What has been your most emotional moment in the biathlon circus so far?

My first Flower Ceremony in Soldier Hollow. That was my goal for the 23l24 season and I didn't expect to achieve it at altitude in SoHo. For me, a lot of pressure was taken off at that moment and it was definitely a very emotional one.

 How does a perfect rest day look for you?

Doing things that I wouldn't otherwise be able to do on a training day, such as meeting friends, going shopping in the city, shooting videos for Instagram. But I also often just like to lie on the couch.

Do you have a ritual before competition?

I always juggle before the competition to increase my concentration.

What is your personal motto?

“Hakuna Matata” (language: Swahili). Translated it means “There are no problems or difficulties.” I didn't get the motto from the movie The Lion King, but from my favorite travel destination, Kenya. The people there always give you this motto to take with you. For me personally, in terms of sport, it means that when I'm very nervous and afraid of failing, as I always am, it's basically a “luxury problem.” I have the honor of competing in this sport at the top level, but the worries I have are not real problems.