Transalp Vacuum TS Lite

Perfectly tuned for the mountain

Transalp Vacuum TS Lite

Thanks to its perfect fit, this boot is the best companion – no matter how tough the tour is! VACUUM technology gives an ideal fit and a pleasant in-boot feeling. An extremely lightweight and thermoformable boot liner makes this model lighter than light. Featuring new, simplified Ski/Walk mechanism.

VACUUM on tour: an unparalleled, perfect fit!

This boot stands out from competitor models thanks to an extraordinary feature: its VACUUM fit is the best possible fit as the boot can be adapted perfectly to the individual shape of any foot. This means there is only one challenge left: the mountain!

Light and uncompromising

Weighing 1,550 grams (size 26.5) the Transalp VACUUM TS Lite is so light it makes even tough climbs an enjoyable experience. Besides its reduced weight the boot also gives you a great feeling on the downhill ride. We can leave the compromises down in the valley behind us!

For easy handling: Dynafit Inserts

The Transalp VACUUM TS Lite is equipped with original Dynafit Inserts. It meets the highest requirements as a result and, thanks to ultramodern technology, comes with straightforward handling and ideal binding technology.

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Transalp Vacuum TS Lite




  • Item no. U18115
  • Buckles X-LITE
  • Canting Borchia F 15
  • Sole Touring Dynafit + Rubber
  • Weight 1550
  • Velcro strap Touring Strap 40mm black
  • Shell Material Vacu-Plast + Dynafit Insert
  • Cuff Material Vacu-Plast
  • Last in mm 97
  • Size 23.5, 24.5, 25.5, 26.5, 27.5, 28.5, 29.5, 30.5



Spoiler made of VACU-PLAST. Fitting at 80C for the perfect shape of anatomy of the lower leg

Original Dynafit Inserts
Original Dynafit Inserts

Guaranteed compatibility to all Tech-bindings and high wear resistance. Verified by lontime experience and use of these inserts.


The natural V-position enables skiers to control their skis with absolute precision.

Lace Liner
Lace Liner

Lace Liners provide a better and more compact support in the shell and for the foot, especially on the insteps and heel fit.