Sometimes history is decided by a hundredth of a second. With this in mind, the Fischer product team developed the Speedmax 3D with Gliding Sidewall. Designed to reduce friction resistance that robs competitors of time and speed, the material can actually be waxed to support unheard levels of glide. Cold Base Bonding enables better wax absorption and grindability, while the RACE CODE seal confirms you have World Cup equipment.

Speedmax 3D has been selected out of a high number of entries as an outstanding product, winning the ISPO AWARD, the highest seal of quality for sporting goods.

It only makes sense that skiing in a classic track or angling a skate ski creates contact with more than base of the ski. By adding waxable base material to the sidewalls, the Speedmax 3D construction reduces friction for improved glide speed.

Coupled with top technologies to reduce overall ski weight, this new generation of Speedmax was developed with the most successful World Cup racers to be the lightest and fastest ever built. Speedmax 3D - designed for skiers committed to top tier training and racing.

Overview Speedmax 3D Skate line

Overview Speedmax 3D Classic line