SKILETICS® to get in shape - get on track

Make a plan to become more fit than you’ve ever been this winter with the Fischer SKILETICS® total body conditioning program. SKILETICS® is the modern way to maximize workout time and improve your cross-country skiing. At Fischer we know what gets results for today’s athletes. They train indoors when they have to, but they train outdoors on skis and snow whenever possible.

We’ll share this knowledge with you through SKILETICS®, an exciting innovation in training for strength, overall fitness, and cross-country ski technique, developed by our team of elite athletes and trainers. Challenge yourself with off-season programs to get you lean and fit for winter, and in-season programs to improve power and conditioning on the snow with skis. Demanding workouts will help hardcore skiers reach that next level of fitness and performance. Beginners will be amazed at how fast, strong, and smooth they feel on skis after using a SKILETICS® training program designed for them. Fischer is the world leader in cross-country ski gear. Let us lead you to a new level of innovative fitness training with SKILETICS®.

To get in shape - get on track