Just get started

You’ve started spending more time outdoors during the COVID era with your family and close friends to get away from dreaded crowds and hours in front of the computer, but you’re unsure of how to maintain this freedom in the winter months? You want to try cross country skiing but don’t know where to start? No problem: Fischer will make it easy for you.

There are two types of cross country skiing. Classic skiing, where you take strides in a straight line, kind of like if you were walking or running, and skate skiing, which is basically like ice skating on snow, except your skates are six feet long and skis. Skating is technically a bit more difficult and harder to pick up than classic skiing, but it can provide an excellent cardio workout.

Getting Started Package

If you want to try classic skiing first look no further than our Getting Started Package which has everything you need for your first Nordic adventure. It’s made up of the Cruiser EF ski, XC Comfort boot, and XC Sport pole for adults, the Sprint Crown ski, XJ Sprint boot, and Sprint pole for kids. The gear is extremely beginner friendly - combining comfort, performance and stability - so you and your kids will enjoy your time on snow together. 

Backyard Package

So you want to take your classic skills and adventure beyond the backyard or off the touring center trails. You’ll want a ski with a metal edge and a boot with a little more support.  One of our most popular skis, the Spider 62 is an excellent choice, especially when paired with the Offtrack 3 boot and BC Offtrack pole. With this gear you’ll have everything you need to enjoy some light touring with your partner or family in a way that provides easy access to a variety of mellow terrain options in whatever snow-covered landscape you may call home this winter.

Fast Fun Package

You’re ready to try skate skiing. You need something to help you blow off steam and get a solid workout in. You’ve classic skied before and want to level up. The Aerolite 60 Skate ski, RC3 Skate boot and RC3 pole, is the perfect package for a beginner skate skier or fitness enthusiast. With this package you get access to Fischer’s award winning ski technology, like the AirCore, in an accessible, stable, package.