Alpine Skiing – Basics

Skiing – from a practical means of getting around to an international trend sport

Skiing is a popular and also very traditional winter sport. It ensures an intense release of endorphins and, as a result, combines fun in the great outdoors with physical effort. Whereas the first skis were used by the Norwegians back in the 18th century as an effective way of getting about, this innovative form of getting from one place to another – skiing – turned into a popular sport for the masses which can today be found in over 5,000 ski areas.

Josef Fischer, the founder of Fischer Sports GmbH, recognized this trend back in 1924 and began to make rack wagons, toboggans and some skis in his barn. 90 years later, Fischer is a group of companies operating on an international scale. Fischer has retained its identity as a family business to this day and is successful on an international scale through a symbiosis of tradition, pioneering spirit and high-tech.

Many of the world's best skiers are supported by Fischer and regularly take part in competitions such as the Alpine Ski World Cup, Europa Cup and major events such as World Championships and Olympics.

Skiing – technique and adapting to terrain

In skiing, differences are made between the respective techniques and types of use. Fischer offers the perfect products here for every application – whether it's for the modern skier who masters the carving technique, the freedom-loving skier who prefers the deep snow experience and freeriding or the ski tourer who does without the lifts

when climbing the hill and uses his or her own strength to handle the vertical meters. Fischer also has the right skis to offer for slopestyle enthusiasts when they take on the difficult snow park challenges, skiers looking for a special form of physical exertion on moguls or those who prefer a very traditional form of skiing known as telemark.

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Ski types – the right equipment for all types of terrain

"Thanks to continuous progress in the field of Alpine ski development,
with Fischer you can choose the right skis for every terrain."

Race skis

True racers deliver 100% performance, they push themselves to the limit and know no compromises. This is also the guiding principle of Fischer's race skis. Featuring original technologies straight from the World Cup, these skis are made for the very top level. Wood core, double Titanal shell, original World Cup base and edge finish – these are the hard facts. The uniqueness of this package, however, lies elsewhere: in the soul given to it by Fischer, through their strong bond with racing and the will to achieve more. 

Women's skis

The women's skis in the Fischer MY series are made especially for the requirements of female skiers: they stand out through particularly light weight, strong performance and a specific design. No two skiers are the same, however: whether it's Piste, All Mountain or Freeride - the Fischer MY series has the right ski for all requirements.  

Piste skis

With a lightweight construction packed full with the best technologies, the skis in the Fischer Progressor line offer perfect performance for all lovers of the slopes. Thanks to Razorshape and Air Tec Ti, these skis glide smoothly and harmoniously over the snow.

All mountain skis

All mountain means the freedom to do everything you feel like doing. So the challenge is big: stable skis with a performance factor on the piste, incredible cruising behaviour in relaxed mode and satisfying wishes on deep snow adventures. The pro MTN models from Fischer unite all these factors. Unique technologies make these skis light but stable and manoeuvrable, plus they offer one thing above all: performance in all terrain!

Freeride skis

Freeride skis are made for a very special type of skier.Conventional pistes are not enough for them – freeriders aim for steep rides, fresh deep snow and new lines off-piste.Fischer developed the Ranger series for them: the Ranger makes all terrain its domain.Thanks to the new generation of technologies including Carbon Tip, Aeroshape or Air Tec Ti with proven Titanal and wood core, the Ranger is a lightweight, stable and excitingly dynamic partner on the mountain.

Children's/Junior skis

If you want to be a champion you have to start early! Supporting the talents of the youngest skiers is a big task. Fischer sees itself in a position of responsibility and offers the best possible equipment for the requirements of young heroes. Fischer Junior skis stand out through enormous stability and maximum reliability – whether it's the first outing in the snow or the perfectly carved turns of a serial winner.

Touring skis

For all skiers who want to conquer the hill under their own steam, the Fischer touring ski series is the right choice. Whether it's touring newcomers, freetourers, easy-going uphillers or racers, they all have one thing in common: they need the right equipment to undertake their personal adventure. Fischer offers technologies and individual solutions which meet the specific requirements of the various tour enthusiasts.

Carving skis

Compared to classic Alpine skis as they used to be built some years ago, carving skis have a more pronounced sidecut which enables easier turning. Softer flex and high torsional stiffness make the skiing experience even more fun.

Rocker skis

The rocker of a ski shortens its contact length with the snow. Whereas a ski without rocker lies equally on the snow at the shovel and tail, a rockered ski doesn't touch the snow with its entire length. This means easier turn initiation and energy-saving skiing. For perfect performance in all terrain, Fischer has the optimum rocker for every ski: All Mountain ROCKER, Freeski ROCKER or Tour ROCKER and On-Piste ROCKER.


For slopestylers whose real deal is a park, high kickers and rails, the Fischer Nightstick is the right choice! A thoroughbred twintip, very robust and virtually indestructible on all slides and jumps – thanks to special Titanal reinforcement. Perfect for shredding and switching, for kickers and rails.

Skiing with the technology of the pros

The CURV takes skiing to a new level: think of a freshly groomed slope in the morning. Like a train on a track. Gliding, drifting, pure adrenaline, total power and full concentration – in every turn. The snow crunches, the edges burn – the perfect curve. But what is the perfect curve? What makes it stand out and how do skis have to be designed to experience perfect curve performance?

These were questions the two skiing legends Hans Knauss and Mike von Grüningen had in mind when developing the CURV. Extremely close to the professional equipment from the World Cup but still suitable for the slopes – the CURV makes extreme performance manageable with a high-quality technology package: Triple Radius enables previously unattained dynamic turns, the Progressive Sidecut concept means the ski has the optimum dimensions for the preferred skiing style and the DIAGOTEXTM carbon laminate which is known from racing makes sure that torsion is perfect every time when cornering.

The two-section Curv Booster plate makes cornering extremely quick and ensures optimum power transfer. This makes every turn simply breathtaking!

Ski boots

Whereas in the early days of Alpine skiing, heavy hiking boots made of robust leather used to be mounted on the skis, you can now choose from a wide variety of different ski boot models. Whether it is for the racer looking for direct control and aggressive performance, the freerider, whose ski boots should not only have optimum power transfer but also allow climbing, or the ski tourer who counts above all on light weight with touring ski boots.

Touring ski boots

The mountains offer us as skiers unlimited possibilities. To experience them all you need reliable equipment that delivers on what it promises, even under the toughest conditions. The Fischer touring ski boots combine a perfect fit with natural freedom of movement and torsional stiffness – for optimum efficiency on the climb and top performance on the downhill ride.

Women's ski boots

Ladies' ski boots from the Fischer MY series are designed especially for women, just like the skis. These boots stand out through particularly light weight, easy handling and an AFZ-Primaloft liner, making them the perfect companion on any ski adventure. 

Children's ski boots

For young skiers who have lots to do: Fischer offers the best possible equipment for the requirements of young heroes. Featuring the latest technologies, these children's ski boots take into account the natural V-position of the feet for rapid progress and achievements.

Beside the type of ski boot and the quality of the equipment, the fit also plays a key role when selecting the optimum boot. With Vacuum Fit, Fischer already launched a system in 2011 which enables ski boots to be adapted to the skier's feet within minutes. Fischer will revolutionize this technology once again starting with the 17I18 season, paving the way for the next generation of optimum ski boot fitting.

Innovative technologies perfect the interplay of feet and ski boots

A high-tech concept developed by Fischer raises the interplay of three top technologies to a whole new level and makes it a unique way of achieving the optimum fit of the ski boot.To guarantee maximum individuality when determining the right ski boot, an exact 3D scan of the feet is carried out at the beginning of the VACUUM process.

This means that not only the length and width but also the complete shape of the foot is precisely determined. Should any adaptation of the ski boot be required, one of the two fitting technologies VACUUM ZONE FIT or VACUUM FULL FIT is chosen depending on the basic fit. The VACUUM ZONE FIT process enables an uncompromisingly efficient fitting of the shell to the individual anatomy of the foot – exactly where it is needed. VACUUM FULL FIT enables a complete fitting of the shell – for maximum individuality and fitting.

Ski Gear and Ski Apparel

In addition to skis and ski boots there are other pieces of equipment and accessories which round off your gear:

  • Ski poles: the focus here is on length, weight and shape. Here too, Fischer offers the right poles for every type of skier – touring poles, children's poles, women's poles, for racing, piste or deep snow use.
  • Ski helmet and ski goggles: elementary skiing equipment for the safety of the skier.
  • Ski backpack: an important part of skiing kit for all for all freeriders and ski tourers.
  • Ski case and ski bag: a ski case and ski bag are extremely useful and help you to look after your skis and boots properly after use and prolong service life.

Fischer also offers the all-round package for ski apparel: technical underwear, ski socks, ski gloves, ski pants and ski jackets protect you in cold and wet conditions.