Never Give Up: Daniel Yule Profile


Never Give Up: Daniel Yule Profile

World Cup Slalom specialist Daniel Yule speaks on his history with Fischer and the driving forces behind his skiing.

Daniel Yule celebrating night slalom

Daniel Yule is a professional Swiss alpine ski racer who specializes in slalom. He has been on the FIS Alpine World Cup for 10 years, and won four World Cup events in his preferred discipline. He has raced on Fischer since the age of 13.

“I know that everyone at the company gives their best so that I have the best equipment,” says Yule.

In addition to several World Cup podiums in slalom, Yule won Olympic Gold in 2018 with the Swiss Parallel Slalom team. He also recently extended his contract with Fischer.

“The team at Fischer has earned my trust as a hardworking and ambitious group," he says. "So it was natural for me to keep this story going."


Daniel Yule Garmisch slalom

Favorite Quote or Personal Motto?

"Mai Mollare!" It’s Italian for “never give up.” My serviceman is Italian, and I picked it up from him during our first season together.

At what age did you start skiing?

I started skiing at the age of 2.

Biggest breakthrough in your ski career?

My first World Cup podium in Kitzbühel in 2018. I came close a few times before and to finally score a podium took a weight off my shoulders and gave me the belief I could fight at the front.

What is your favorite World cup venue?

I really shouldn’t say this as a Swiss but my favorite race is Schladming. The atmosphere with around 40,000 fans and it being a night race makes it very special.

Daniel Yule 3rd place Flachau

What year did you officially sign with Fischer?

I joined the Fischer family in the summer of 2006. I was 13 years old, and it made a huge difference in my skiing career as it was a great relief that my parents would no longer have to pay for my alpine race skis.

You just prolonged your contract, for how long, and how was the decision-making process for you?

I renewed my contract for another two years. The decision-making process was very easy for me. I’ve been with Fischer for 16 years and I know that everyone at the company gives their best so that I have the best equipment. The team at Fischer has earned my trust as a hardworking and ambitious group so it was natural for me to keep this story going.

How would you describe Fischer as a brand, its character, and spirit?

Hardworking, trustworthy, and ambitious.

The phrase "skiing is not a lifestyle - It’s life" expresses Fischer’s WHY, and embodies the company's passion and dedication to skiing. What does this phrase mean to you and how can you associate yourself with it?

I think that for me it’s self-explanatory. I dedicate most of my time to skiing. I want to become the best skier I can possibly be and even in my free time I enjoy going for a few runs just for fun. Skiing is my life.

Daniel Yule slalom

Future goals/projects/dreams/ambitions?

My dream would be to win to win a crystal globe. It’s a big ask and that’s why I call it a dream rather than a goal but that’s what I train for.

Favorite pastime / hobbies (besides skiing, of course)

I love to play golf. My friends got me started a few years ago and now I’m hooked.

How do you train for skiing during the off-season? What are your plans for this summer? How many days/hours do you train per week?

I train as most skiers do. During the spring there’s a lot of physical training, I have between 10 and 12 training sessions a week. We will be getting back on snow at the end of July and from then on, it’s pretty much non-stop until the end of the season.

How do you deal with the pre-race pressure and nerves?

Good question… I don’t really know, it’s something I’ve always been comfortable with. I really enjoy racing. I prefer racing to training, so it makes dealing with the pre-race pressure much easier.

Daniel Yule finish line

Most important role model while growing up?

I would say Mike Von Grünigen. He was a joy to watch with his impeccable technique. He is also very quiet and always let his skiing do the talking.

Who do you consider to be a current mentor or role model?

Justin Murisier. He helped me a lot when I joined the World Cup team and to see him fight back after so many injuries is inspiring.

What advice would you give a young athlete at the beginning of the competitive career

Have fun! I think that’s the most important thing. I wouldn’t have the same career if I didn’t enjoy what I do.

Learn more about Daniel Yule's racing history on the FIS Website.