Speed Lock System
World Cup proven quick-closure system. Guarantees reliable hold and ease of use.
The seal of quality RACE CODE is the sign of the top Fischer standard. Skis, boots and poles direct from the Fischer racing department with the guaranteed technological lead for professionals and ambitious sportspeople alike.
Instep Strap
Additional outer fastener where the instep is (either with Velcro or ratchet strap). Makes the foot even more secure and enables better power transfer.
Frame Technology
This innovative technology for 3-dimensional foot fixation offers more support in the decisive positions. Seamless, waterproof and long-lasting.
Diago Carbon Midsole
Midsole with diagonally running carbon fibres. Increases the torsional stiffness of the boot but still allows good flex in the rolling motion.
Thermo Fit
Thermally formable foam cushioning with outstanding thermal insulation – a perfect fit for the individual shape of the foot.
Canting function on both sides, each with two settings. Enables medial and lateral adjustment to the lower leg axis. Height adjustable up to 4mm with special key provided.
Heel Fit Strap
Enables individual heel width setting. Gives you optimum hold and heel fit inside the boot.
Easy Entry Loops
Practical entry loops and wide-opening designs guarantee that boots can be put on/taken off comfortably.
Gaiter Ring
Fastening for all popular gaiter models for additional protection against the snow and wet conditions.
Extended Fit System
The dual insole system can be optimally adapted to growing feet. Additional space is created by removing the additional insole.
Velcro Strap
Fastening element for cuffs and instep straps, easy to handle and adjust.
Ratchet Lock Buckle
Fastening element for cuffs and instep straps featuring fine ratchet adjustment and stretch-free power transfer.
Rental Fitments
All the features for rental: size marked outside, antibacterial treatment of lining on the inside. Extremely stable insole and special insert pocket for EAN code (optional).