The rider

Why did you create BioSkieur?
And the question is more why today we have to respect nature. Because I think our sport is the most affected by climate changing and today we make things not according to our planet. The mountains are a place full of wisdom, so it is easy for us to follow the example and to keep our feet on earth. We have to consummate responsible and less like Fischer can help us, to change our moving systems with train or more ecologic cars but without helicopters and snows mobiles…
What do you dream every night?
To share the freeride competition in Les Arcs but this competition doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe I will organize it a day while using BioSkieur Eco-charter !
And after skiing?
I want to create a farm inn, I don’t know where already but maybe in South of France where my origins are. It will be far from modern life and I will produce and cook every things organically. Just create a place close to nature, where guest can feel simply life…


Name: William Cochet