Fischer launched its revolutionary Crown technology in 1976: the world's first universal climbing system which delivers impressive performance without any waxing at all and in practically all temperature and snow conditions. Further developments have followed all the time ever since.

The very successful Premium Crown is one of the most well-known examples of how the decades of experience lead to ever improving kick and glide behaviour. The new Vario Crown now takes the system to an even higher level of performance.
This cutting pattern which was developed in elaborate tests ensures previously unattained efficiency in motion. In what is perfect interaction with the successful and proven Single and Double Crown units for a direct, powerful kick action, the newly developed Gliding Crown sections with their rounded profile guarantee maximum ease when gliding.

The optimum tuning of the climbing and gliding system elements is the secret behind the versatility in use in all snow conditions. Icing up and waxing are a thing of the past for the new Vario Crown. When grip and glide come together in such a way then nothing can get in the way of enjoying the winter experience.